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Finally Mainstream Article On Skill Factor Fantasy Sports Vs. Online Poker

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Pretty good article about Fantasy Sports vs Online Poker. Andy Frankenberger makes some good points here. Personally, I'm not much for the fantasy and would prefer poker, but to each is own. But, I just hate that even on Oxygen channel there are Fanduel/Draft Kings commercials when you can't "legally" play online poker.



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My only takeaway from the article is this.


"I take issue with the study," said Justine Sacco, a FanDuel spokeswoman, referring to Miller's work.

Does the internet know about this yet?


Also, I am a winning MMA bettor, have been since MMA betting broke. I post most all my bets prefight in the MMA thread here (and nowhere else), so I am at least on record. Its like anything else. On any day, any idiot can win but over time, insight (a skill) will begin to show in the results.


The catch is that the 'skill' element may be very unusual and not found among the overwhelming majority of fantasy sports participants, who are essentially monkeys throwing darts.

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