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Light 4-Bet, Easy Fold On River?

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Leak Hand found and Converted by Leak Buster Poker Training Software


NL Holdem $0.5(BB)

SB ($141.61)

BB ($50)

UTG ($94.55)

HJ ($10.15)

HERO ($82.27)

BTN ($17.2)


Dealt to Hero J:spade: T:diamond:


UTG Folds , HJ Folds , HERO Raises To $1.5 , BTN Folds , SB Raises To $7 , BB Folds , HERO Raises To $15.5 , SB Calls $8.5


Flop ($32.5) 3:heart: Q:diamond: 3:diamond:

SB Checks , HERO Checks


Turn ($32.5) 3:heart: Q:diamond: 3:diamond: T:club:

SB Bets $17 , HERO Calls $17


River ($66.5) 3:heart: Q:diamond: 3:diamond: T:club: 8:spade:

SB Bets $22 , HERO Folds


SB shows Q:club: A:club:


SB wins $62.5


Opponent is a decent regular.

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Personally, I would have flatted PF, not 3-Bet. Too weak of a hand here. Next, I would have bet the flop. If he still leads out on the turn then probably folding here. When I play connectors, If I'm not there or open-ended by the turn with no flush possibility or any other back door, I'm folding, unless I feel the opponent is weak.


I'd like to see other opinions on this, but probably not going to.

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