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Loose Squeeze And Close Flop Decision

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Leak Hand found and Converted by Leak Buster Poker Training Software


NL Holdem $0.5(BB)

SB ($73.97)

HERO ($49.25)

HJ ($69.4)

CO ($138.8)

BTN ($99.64)


Dealt to Hero Q:spade: J:heart:


HJ Folds , CO Calls $0.5 , BTN Raises To $2.25 , SB Calls $2 , HERO Raises To $9 , CO Folds , BTN Calls $6.75 , SB Folds


Flop ($20.5) K:club: 4:diamond: J:club:

HERO Bets $12.37 , BTN Raises To $57.86 , HERO Calls $27.88


Turn ($118.61) K:club: 4:diamond: J:club: 8:club:


River ($118.61) K:club: 4:diamond: J:club: 8:club: T:spade:





My opponent is a little loose and goofy. Just from my initial read. I guess more people are calling with AK in position in these spots, but how close is the flop decision at this point?



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I don't get your PF raise here, but ok..... QJ off is a little weak to be raising here OOP, IMO.


Flop: This is just straight read here. If you feel your opponent is just a spaz/spew-tard, then go ahead. But, normally here would just be a fold. But just a situational read here...

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