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Explain To A Beginner Why Was Good To Go All In

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I'm an admitted beginner so I have a lot to learn about expanding my range of starters and betting strategy. So I hope I'm not coming off appearing totally stupid here. But someone please explain to me how this was a wise move, besides that the gamble paid off.


This was in an online tournement. 9 players at the table. Was the 10th hand into the tourney. I was in middle position Villians in late.



Hero(me): 1135

Villian1: 465

Villian2: 940


Pre-flop: All but 3 of us fold. I end up in early position with KdQd. I bet 120. Villian1 calls. Vilian2 goes all in 940.

I call as I have stack to spare and good starter. Villian 1 goes all in 465.


Show cards: Hero KdQd. Villian 1 Jh10s. Villian 2 Jd10d


Flop: Jc 6s 10c Turn: 5c River: Qs


Okay I got beat on the flop. But here is my question. Going all in for both these guys with J 10? I realize a J 10 is a playable hand. But wasn't this very risky for both of them and they just got lucky on the flop.


These guys and another person at the table were trying to explain to me that I just saw a PRO move and I should be in awe of what they did.

I don't see playing J 10s. I don't see going all in like they did. I watched them to a similar thing with a starter of Kd2d in early position. What is the lesson here. Should I be looking to expand my range of cards and bet way over the top? I mean this example seems beyond aggresive to me.


Or am I showing how much of a beginner I am and I played this hand wrong.

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A few things missing here ... what kind of tournament? sit-n-go or multi-table? My guess is sit-n-go ...

What were the blinds at the time?


As far as the play ... It was a move that you were supposed to fold to this early in the tournament with no reads on your opponent. You didnt have chips to spare as you would be (and were) left with less than 200 if you lose. You very well couldve (shouldve) been dominated by AA/KK/QQ/AK in this spot. This is what the player was trying to make you think by shoving and probably in 90% of these spots you will be up against at least a pocket pair. Do you really want to (at best) flip for basically your whole stack 10 hands into a tournament?


In a sit-n-go scenario when blinds go up fairly quick you generally cant wait around for premium hands so you do end up in coin flip situations earlier than most tournaments but you got very lucky to be ahead in this spot. A lot of players will try to double up early or 'go home' in these types of tournaments where the blinds go up quickly.


As far as the all-in by V1 .. He was assuming that he had 'clear' outs and was getting (almost?) 3 to 1 on his already diminished chips stack so his call/shove here was probably close to being a good 'math' call. He was getting into the hand knowing he was probably behind but hoping to suck out and triple up to get back into the tournament.


Both players were making 'moves' that can make sense in a one-table tournament, but I wouldnt really call the initial shove a 'pro' move with the short stack behind. If V1 was not in a blind then its possibly ok, but V2 is still risking at least 50% of his stack in a flip or worse if called, he is NEVER ahead here. I have played in quite a few one-table tournaments and I have never really tried this kind of aggressive play enough to know if it should be considered 'standard'. I usually just sit back and wait for the table to get down to 4 or 5 before I would be attempting this type of play. This attitude is probably what this type of player counts on so they can get some 'free' chips and then have a bigger stack than mine when we do need to flip. GL

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