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Bob, tell us about this new Canadian tennis superstar


Bianca Andreescu was ranked number 3 in the World Juniors 3 years ago and was always one of the top players in the World for her age so her having success isn't surprising. Her going from where she was last year to the level of tennis she is playing this week is a bit surprising but you just never know when it can kick in plus players getting super hot for a week isn't uncommon.


Don't expect this from her every week but she should make a nice climb in the rankings and she has legit weapons to be a top 20 player.

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If anyone is interested I am running a poker tournament for my daughters softball team. It's in Aurora on March 23


Duh..If I was only there..I would be helping

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I was working up the street at Pape and Danforth today. Could see the fire trucks.


Damn so close to me. I have to drive my daughter to school on tuesdays at Holy Name on Carlaw. It was a mess getting to school

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still going to be an adventure in a lot of places before the snow gets cleared, especially with the wind


Yes on Tuesday I have to drive my daughter to school. A lady was stuck in the snow and could not move. I drove around her like nothin thru a snowbank. Felt sorry for her since I could not help but my daughter was late already

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