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What Is Wrong With These People?

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Tournament $10.50 NL Holdem Super-Knockout


I have AA, early position, blinds are 50-100. I raise to 150. The guy after me re-raises to 600.(He has 9.000$, I have 20.000$) Everyone folds. I reraise to 1000. He re-raises to 2000.I'm all-in.He calls. He has 5-6 offsuit!

Flop 5-5-6-Q-2


I know AA doesn't always win but what were those reraises about??

Same tournament, some donk reraises me earlier he has 9000 I have like 2500 I call with Jacks. flop came lower cards I'm all in he calls with 9-2 (flop had nth to do with 9 or 2) and I double up!! I refuse to believe those are real people behind the computer!

I post these because my good hands keep mucking by those idiots all the time, but in tournaments with more expensive buy-in I made it to the last table because there was serious play. But I don't have the bankroll to play in those, only by satellites. So how could I win in tournaments like this one if people play like that? By luck?

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1. If the blinds are 50-100 it is impossible to raise to 150 (I assume you meant 250)


2. He likely doesn't know how to play.


3. If you're going to reraise, make it 1300-1500, not 1000.


4. You win the tourneys by keep playing your game. Luck can only last so long. Keep giving yourself as many shots as you can to win and eventually it will fall into place and your bankroll will increase.



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Thanks for the answer. Yes I can't find the hand but I raised 3xbb. I just think that these people make big deposits and have money to spend. I' ll try not to be emotional at least because after that I stopped being tight and lost many chips.

Next time I post in bad bets I just thought it wasn't a bad bet from my side, he was just a lucky donk.

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Yeah, nothing you can do about that - but next time pop it a little higher than 1000 from 600, not even a min-raise - he re-raised which is weird, but even if he calls there he's getting all your chips. If I got out of line, and raised to 600 preflop with connectors like that, and then you only made it 400 more I'm getting my chips in the pot before you do, so you have to protect your big hands a little better pre-flop. But it sounds like this kid clearly is a moron. Bad beats happen, it's poker.

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The mistake you are making is assuming that other people are playing for the same reasons you are. Most players you run into at least try to make logical reasonable decisions. However, there is a significant number out there that are not playing to make money. They are playing to pass the time, because of a gambling addiction, or some other reason. I'm certain there are plenty of players out there that wouldn't mind losing money if it meant they can enjoy the satisfaction of busting Aces with all manner of crap hands. They get off on that sort of thing. There's a reason they are called maniacs. Its not because they play a straightforward low variance game. You just have to learn how to deal with the eventual bad beats you will take against them, or do your best to avoid them altogether if dealing with it is not "in the cards".

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