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Question To Daniel

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Greetings Daniel,


I have been watching alot of high stakes poker shows. and noticed that in the past it has been all the well knowns. you, Phil, Doyle, etc.


one thing has been missing in my opinion. the amateurs, or aka the unknowns.


I was wondering if you guys offer to host cash games to allow the unknowns to come in and try their luck/skills against you?


I know Doyle likes the challenge.


If you guys do this, where and when. I would like to have a chance to sit with you guys.


I would love to see how you all fair against unknowns.


unknowns: the ones who grind for a living.

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You can go play with the "big name" players whenever you want, just go to vegas and buy into a game in the high end room at the Wynn.

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Pretty sure they prefer to only play amongst themselves.


They would prefer bad players with enough money earn the right to play at their tables.


It might take years before you are allowed to play in Bobby's Room, no matter how much money you have.

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PokerStars The Big Game used this concept and it was fun because the average joe could win there seat in the free rolls, it made great TV till Black Friday hit :(



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