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Omaha Basic Rule

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So the question im asking is about Omaha in general. I was told you have to use 2 hole cards to win. If so why does a guy get 3 of a kind with only 1 of the card in the hole and 2 on board? Kind of hard to explain on here

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Because you need all five cards to make a flush, but only three for trips.


You have Ah Kd Qs Jc


Board is Ac Ad 9d 8d 2d


You have to use two of your cards, so you use Ah Kd.


Your hand is Ah Ac Ad Kd 9d. Three of a kind.


A flush requires five of one suit, but you can't make five because you can only use three of the board cards, so that gives you only four diamonds.

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Whiskers - Good example


Krisp45 - easier answer - You must make a 5 card hand using 2 cards from your hand and 3 cards from the board - simple as that


Sometimes Omaha is confusing at first for someone who plays hold-em regularly (where it doesn't matter where the 5 cards come from)


i have played for years and every once in a while i think i have one hand and realize that i am using more than 3 cards from the board to make it.

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All good answers ... key word is MUST use 2 of your 4 hole cards in PLO and ONLY 3 cards from the board. In NLH you have no requirements and can play ALL 5 board cards if they make your best hand possible.


Another couple of keys with PLO that you might want to consider are:


#1: It is VERY common to fold a 'low end' full house against certain boards and certain players


#2: Although AA and KK are great starting hands to raise with pre-Flop you play them WAY less aggressively than in NLH unless you hit the Flop somehow.


Good luck ... see you at the tables ...

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