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500.00 To 10,000.00 Challenge

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I started a Holdem challenge to take 500.00 and bring the bank roll to 10,000.00 usd. this is in brick n morter casinos.


from this chart. I started off bad.. but i recovered. I will post my updates here. Right now this is from low limit 3/6 Holdem.


I will move up once i hit my Goal.


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Interesting cold deck just happened.


I was dealt jj. I was the button

Under the gun raises. Pot gets capped to me, i call pre flop

6 players in the pot.

Flop comes As Kd 10h


Bets get capped to me again i call.

Turn come Qs again the pot is capped

River comes 8h

Pot gets capped, 1 player folds. I call.


It was set over set over set over set and my jacks for the straight. Raked in 432.00 pot. The guy who folded was on a flush draw and missed.

Im taking a break, i think the table just wen on tilt cause i called to the river with JJ

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