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Poker Stars New Daily Turbo Tournaments

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I personally prefer turbo tourneys since I don't have a lot of time usually to play tournaments so I'm pleased that Stars has introduced a new slate of Daily Turbo Tournaments with Guarantees.http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/tournaments/hot-turbos/Play Guaranteed Turbo Tourneys Every Day of the Week!The Hot Turbos is a fast-paced schedule of tourneys running seven days a week, each with a turbo structure and a guaranteed prize pool! Buy-ins range from micro-stakes tournaments (available for only $0.55), all the way up to $109, which means there is something on offer for players from every level. Plus, the action gets even ‘Hotter’ on Sundays, when all guaranteed prize pools are doubled! The Hot Turbos run as follows every day:The Hot $109: 02:30 ET -- $10,000 guaranteedThe Hot $2.20: 04:30 ET -- $4,000 guaranteedThe Hot $3.30: 06:30 -- $6,000 guaranteedThe Hot $4.40: 07:30 -- $8,000 guaranteedThe Hot $33: 10:30 -- $10,000 guaranteedThe Hot $11: 12:30 ET -- $25,000 guaranteedThe Hot $16.50: 13:30 ET -- $25,000 guaranteedThe Hot $75: 14:30 ET -- $30,000 guaranteedThe Hot $55: 15:15 ET -- $20,000 guaranteedThe Hot $0.55: 16:45 ET -- $2,500 guaranteedThe Hot $44: 18:30 ET -- $25,000 guaranteedThe Hot $5.50: 19:45 ET -- $5,000 guaranteedThe Hot $22: 22:45 ET -- $10,000 guaranteedThese action-packed turbo tournaments are perfect for when you need some fast poker action, and with guaranteed prizes pool of up to $30,000, there’s everything to play for.To find The Hot Turbos and register for the next tournament, open the PokerStars lobby and click ‘Tourney’ & ‘All’. You can also find them quicker by typing ‘Hot’ into the Tourney Filter. There are also satellites available for all tournaments in the hours leading up to each one, giving you the chance to win your seat for less.

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Pretty soon, 10 and 12 minute levels will be a thing of the past online...
I wouldn't say that but for small buyin tourneys with large player pools turbo options make a lot of sense,The Hot $11 today had over 7000 entrants and took just over 4 hours to play.The Bigger $8.80 from yesterday that has 12 minute blind levels had 11,800 entrants and took over 12 hours to play
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