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Is God’s Law Relevant Without Enforcement?

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Is God’s law relevant without enforcement?Most of us follow secular laws regardless of what our religious laws say.In fact, those who sometimes follow what they think is the laws of God are often punished by secular law if the believer breaks a secular law in following the law of his God. We follow secular law primarily for altruistic purposes or from fear of retribution or enforcement. That and most recognize that Biblical law is draconian, outdated and unworkable.Has God then become redundant as most of us follow a secular God, so to speak, who can enforce and explain the logic behind that law and change them as we evolve?Does that mean that the trend of religiosity will continue to decline, as it has of late, and that the near or further history of man will result in no religion at all or in one that has little to no meaning to the daily lives of the vast majority?Having said this and if you think it holds some truth, do you think the religious should be confronted to help religion die as soon as possible?Is religion, as it is, holding back other more worthy endeavors based on reality and not myth, fantasy and magical thinking?http://www.huffingtonpost.com/victor-steng...o_b_775163.html"Whoever imagines himself a favorite with God, holds other people in contempt.Whenever a man believes that he has the exact truth from God, there is in that man no spirit of compromise. He has not the modesty born of the imperfections of human nature; he has the arrogance of theological certainty and the tyranny born of ignorant assurance. Believing himself to be the slave of God, he imitates his master, and of all tyrants, the worst is a slave in power."--Robert IngersollThis quote, if true, shows that religions will never unite or cooperate enough to help us solve problems that can only be solved by a world government or world body that is given authority by the all of the people; religious or not.Is it time for secular tolerance to be moved to a more firm demand that the religious of all stripe either accept their Gods as myths only so that we can progress or should secularists lay back and allow religions to keep us in our progressive doldrums as we see our world ecology and economies cause severe hardship for all of us?RegardsDL

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