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Application: Micro/low Stakes

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Unfortunately I hate FTP with a burning passion and spend 99.9% of my time on Stars. Other than that this seems like a hell of an offer so good luck all you apps!

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-I'm 27, living in Indianapolis, IN-Bankroll is ~1k-Haven't played online in over 2 years, but my name was GoCryWolfe (might still be, I don't see why they would have closed them)-Currently, I only play cash games with a live tourney thrown in every few months - $1/$2 NL and $2/$5 NL, mostly 1/2.-Yes; about 5 years ago, or sometime around then, won the $11 rebuy tourney on stars for ~12k, won two other stars tourneys for ~3k and ~2k - all on Stars under GoCryWolfe-Since I haven't played online in over 2 years, I don't even know how or if I can even get money online anymore, so I play live on the weekends, 2 to 3 weekends a month. When I play the live cash cames, I would say my average table time is ~9 hours. Longest session I've playd was 14 hours. I do not rebuy, so if I do bust out early, I just call it a night. Whilst playing live, on average out of every 10 sessions, I have 7 winning sessions. -I do have a 5 year old daughter and work ~50 hours a week. That is currently why I limit my play only to a few weekends a month. If I ever do put money on Stars or Tilt, it would be so I could play on weekends or late week nights. Good luck to whomever is picked for the stake(s).Edit: I can confirm my Stars account is still up and running - have no reason to doubt that my Tilt would still be working, too.

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