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  1. Out in 119th. Lol bubble. Can't win flips.
  2. <<< You Were Dealt (7h,As)ThePusherManSF foldslion132 foldspokerReadEM foldsLOLamericanLOL foldsDjlafen foldsspydur86 raised to 1675idkidkidk calls 1675vibroking calls 1675BrainDamagr foldsDealing Flop (Kh,6d,7d)vibroking checksspydur86 bets 3375idkidkidk calls 3375vibroking foldsDealing Turn (7c)spydur86 bets 7755idkidkidk calls 7755Dealing River (7s)spydur86 is All Inidkidkidk calls 12980spydur86 shows (7h,As)idkidkidk shows (Jd,Ks)20/156 in the 100k.EDIT : 35k @ 4th break. 52/124
  3. 11.5k @ 3rd break. Lost a huge hand with TP + Open Ended.
  4. 13k @ First break of the Merge 100k.18k @ Second break
  5. I've used my Xbox controller in the past. Works great for mass multi tabling with Table Ninja and making quick decisions but I generally 6 table and it just seems like too much of a hassle for whatever reason when I've only got 6 tables up so I stick with my mouse and keyboard.
  6. Just lost 95% of my stack in the Storm KQ < 9T on 8JQKx board. Guy was 50/33, d'oh.
  7. 19k in the Storm at the break. Went from 3k to 24k and then back down to 19k in about 15 minutes. Crazy hour.
  8. Yes but if we're not getting "exploited" per se and they're generally getting it in behind, of course we're not going to win 100% but we're still going to make money long term by letting them make mistakes. I understand your point but playing unexploitable also allows them to play perfect poker. "Do I have a hand I can call with? No? Okay I fold." As opposed to "I'm going to shove this sub par hand because I think I have fold equity. Oops I'm behind." I'm definitely in the "let your opponents make the mistakes" camp, and they're going to make a lot more if you hand them the rope. It's pr
  9. Looks like no one's been in this thread for awhile but I skimmed through and it was a decent read with a lot of great points brought up. As a former 180 grinder myself I figured I'd bring up a couple very general points for anyone reading. Basically just things that most people know but never hurts to go over.1. Fwiw Corvair, if I were you I would pick one game and focus most of my attention on that. I understand your time constraints (which is why I made the switch from 180s to 18s myself.) But the thing is the 180s and 18s play a lot differently even in the turbo format. It's all poker
  10. Busted 277th in the 4.40 10k so I got a couple of my micro buy ins back.6k @ break in the SQM5.3k @ break in the 11 25kWon the first hand of the SM, so I'm probably screwed in that.GL everyone!
  11. Bubbled a few MTT's already. Still got the 11 25k, SQM and the Milly. Debating on some SNGs.
  12. PokerStars Game #58780560420: Tournament #409020010, $200+$15 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level IX (400/800) - 2011/03/06 18:50:04 ETTable '409020010 93' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: nutstc (7488 in chips) Seat 2: spydur86 (10375 in chips) Seat 3: Artorius2002 (16049 in chips) Seat 4: Buckohfive (31223 in chips) Seat 5: Shturyn0322 (46625 in chips) Seat 6: PokerSnoopy (23732 in chips) Seat 7: SuperTatarin (12319 in chips) Seat 8: Norrda (42002 in chips) Seat 9: JETSETPOKER4 (11025 in chips) nutstc: posts the ante 50spydur86: posts the ante 50Artorius2002: posts the ante 50Buckohfive: posts th
  13. SQM - 200k 124/276DFG - 140k 56/1411
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