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Why Do I Suck On Ftp?

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The doomswitch for FTP is on the Turn. For Stars its the river. Pick which heartbreak is easier to take.- But seriously, I'm the same way. I run horrible on FTP (well, not just b/c I am horrible), but on stars my doomswitch doesn't turn on until blinds are relatively high.

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Obv FTP is rigged. It had to be said.Seriously, the Dodgers are resigning Manny right?
Manny is the only player besides A-Rod that actually pays for himself in MLB.
Right click your FTP avatar and make him smile. Profit.Mark
I just lol'd in the cube farm here at work and multiple people stood up to see what was going on...
god hates the dodgers. :)it may very well be variance pat, even though you said you don't want to blame it on that.
Please never ever change your sig...
You either.
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