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Daniel, Where You Being A Complete Tool To Clonie Gowen?

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Quotes from Daniel Negreanu about the $40mil Clonie Gowen vs. Full Tilt lawsuit."She has gone absolutely ding bat crazy and is making things up. There is just no freaking way they’d offer her 1%, no freaking way. This feels more like crazy ex-girlfriend extortion than anything else. I really hope she doesn’t get away with this, luckily I don’t think she will. What an idiot.[...]It’s so obvious what she is trying to do. Who do you think posted the link on the internet? She wants to create a stir in the hopes that she can get some kind of home rum settlement figuring FTP can afford it and it’s easier to throw money at her and make her go away. All of it based on complete lunacy and lies. I hope she ends up with what she deserves: nothing. She’s ruined herself with this move. I’ll never speak to her again, and I’m sure I’m not alone.[...]As for Clonie, naming random people associated with FTP in a lawsuit is extremely irresponsible and inappropriate. It’s like she’s just throwing darts and guessing. She’s not going to make any friends doing that. I mean, Mike Matusow? Like he needs to be on that suit, it’s ridiculous."If those were actually real quotes from you, then that is just immature, unnecessary character assasination, and I wouldn't have expected such a childish act from a professional of your pedigree. It's one thing to expect the online bashers and hatemongers to do their usual thing, but for you, an actual peer of hers, to fuel their fire with this nonsense is appalling. I hope that someone was just posting as you because I can't wrap my head around someone of your stature doing something that immature.

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