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  1. Quotes from Daniel Negreanu about the $40mil Clonie Gowen vs. Full Tilt lawsuit."She has gone absolutely ding bat crazy and is making things up. There is just no freaking way they’d offer her 1%, no freaking way. This feels more like crazy ex-girlfriend extortion than anything else. I really hope she doesn’t get away with this, luckily I don’t think she will. What an idiot.[...]It’s so obvious what she is trying to do. Who do you think posted the link on the internet? She wants to create a stir in the hopes that she can get some kind of home rum settlement figuring FTP can afford it and it’s e
  2. Horoscopes are one of those tricky things that I have a kneejerk reaction in automatically thinking that the person that believes in them is usually on the underside of the Bell Curve. Now I have to remind myself that not everyone that believes in goofy shit is dumb, but it's so hard for me when it comes to the subject of horoscopes. The best way for me to remind myself to respect these types of people is to remind myself that I don't know everything there is to know in the world, so making rash judgements on intelligence isn't a smart thing to do. Still very very hard to do when I hear a p
  3. Just thought, you were playing quite well. I know that it was only a few hands that I've seen of you in it so far, but I thought you were playing quite brilliantly. Too bad ya didn't win . That KJ read was sick.
  4. I recently saw an article about Justin Bonomo commenting on Men the Master cheating in a 200/400 Badugi game (I know, ironic that Bonomo would be making commentary, but the guy has already apologized for his past actions). Through the article I came upon an old thread where Daniel talks about his confrontation with Men the Master (a very old thread). Anyway, in 2001, Daniel had recently gotten drunk or something (I'm not sure if he was or not) and confronted Men the Master about his cheating (Men has been accused by countlsess people for cheating, Daniel N, John Juanda, Russ G, & Justin
  5. I agree with you about the difference between live play nd online play. I personally would find it probably impossible because I'm used to playing about 4 tables at a time online, and each of those tables is 6max which is probably as much as 6 times as fast as a live ring game when all things are considered, probably faster. I have trouble concentrating at just one. Still would be fun because I've heard there are a lot more weak players in live games, and it would also be good to play people that you can see because of access to other forms of information and tells. I believe that the part
  6. You should try and get an INquiring mind Nimue. More useful than those old enquiring minds. Trust me .
  7. I've recently joined a site named Cardrunners. It is a poker training website that you go to improve your game. You get to keep a blog and read other people's blogs about poker, and post questions to people of a similar mindset on the forums thus reducing the risk of getting bad advice from players that don't know any better than you. Either way the level of quality of the average player there far outstrips the levels at other poker sites including FCP by a mile. But I'm not here talking about FCP, I'm actually talking about live players. I really believe there is going to be an inevitabl
  8. Honestly, I didn't even know I needed to hear this until I heard this. Just a stunning ending the blog.
  9. Gotta agree, part of that blog sounded like something out of "A Catcher in the Rye." Very interesting. I also agree that the best part of Daniel Negreanu is his accessibility. I wouldn't say his vulnerability (although I think that's the part of him that gives him fans that abolutely adore him), but his accesibility is definitely the kicker. Sometimes, when he responds to a comment by me or anyone else, and I'm watching a WPT or something with him in it, I'm like "Hey, I was just talking with that guy. Go Negreanu." LOL, definitely a cool thing for us plebs.
  10. I don't say one show is the best show of all time, I prefer to group them into dramas & comedies & also procedurals (CSI, Law & Order type shows), etc. The Wire is definitely one of the best dramas. It is definitely the highest quality drama that has ever been made in my opinion. I really liked the Sopranos for the first two seasons but after that it started to suck big time when they started to explore the more psychological aspects of the show. Critics were analyzing everything about every artistic viewpoint of the show that I think it became very pretentious after the third
  11. LOL, 'Daniel, you're the shitt. I remember this film, I was always stunned that he didn't get an Academy award nomination that year because I thought it was the best performance of the year honestly, at least my favorite performance. I thought the movie was excellent, I think it was kind of tied whether he was better in this movie or Good Will Hunting. It was also a brave role during a time when Ben Affleck was busy trying to make blockbusters and Damon went the other way for substantive roles. Excellent film/
  12. Were you an art major in college? And did that excellent line that the guy gave you work in getting some action consiering you were already drunk, naked, and succeptible at that point? If I were ther, I'd have to offer the guy a "Well played sir, very well played."
  13. I think Huckabee's one of those religious freaks that is just bad for humanity period. He makes all his decisions from a Christian viewpoint that is thankfully no longer the norm. I don't think he would be as bad as Bush but he would be a step into the wrong direction. Although I really believe that the presidential election is actually just going to be an absolute wash for the Democrats. Whoever the heck they pick is almost certainly gonna crush the Republican candidate. I mean I know Americans are dum as cowshit on average, but I don't really see Americans voting a Republican into offic
  14. That's the problem with feminists in the first place. They think they're opinion actually matters in reality and that they have the right to tell people what to say and how to speak about women. Well, they do have the right, but it doesn't mean it means anything. If he thinks she's a biatch why can't he call here a biatch. If he thinks she's a cunnt, why shouldn't he call her a cuunt. It's his forum after all, he's just being decent so as not to really offend people. Feminsm is boring to us shovenists, lol.
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