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Stars Mtts - Nl27, O8 Mixed, Hold'em Mixed, 8 Game

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I'm not supposed to play poker for a while, and I have to wake up early tomorrow, but I might play the 2-7 anyway.Apart from the 8 game, have they run any of these tournaments?Who's playing?BTW they're all $2.20, starting between 23:01 - 23:11.

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I love the 2-7 tourneys. So many bad players. Last night 2 of the other 5 guys at my table made value type raises/shoves with hands like 8-5-3-2-A... then they got all mad after they lost, lol. But yeah i finished 14th in one last night when 12 paid..... mainly because my Jack, Ten and even 9 lows could NEVER hold against the 1-card and even the 2-card draw sometimes. Which reminds me off another reason a lot of players are bad. The will call re-raises pre-draw and draw 2 OOP. Also saw some guy go allin preflop and proceed to stand pat with a pair of kings. Also played the Mixed hold'em and again finished just out of the money. What threw me is that the blinds would shift up and down. Generally being higher for the limit events. I like it cause it does add more play, just confusing to see blinds so DOWN sometimes. If i am still up i'll def hop in the 7-2 and mixed holdem tonight. Possibly even the Mixed 08.

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