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Espn Fights Phil Ivey Over Logo

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Earlier today, Full Tilt Poker pro Phil Ivey had what some may call a "heated exchange" with the ESPN crew.Ivey left for the first break from the "side" feature table wearing Full Tilt and PPA patches. When he came back, he had a PokerRoad patch on. Because he was seated at a featured table, ESPN asked him to remove his PokerRoad patch for continuity reasons.While we didn't hear Ivey's response in full, it went something like (with apologies to Kid Dynamite) "DYKWTFIA!!!" He ended up wearing the PokerRoad patch after the encounter, meaning that: Ivey > ESPN.http://pokerontv.blogspot.com/

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OP, I thought you quit this board a long time ago?
No, he just comes around to tell FCP's succesfull players how bad they are...while all he ever does is railtard...Railtard>Loosh, JC, NNB, and GMJ OBV
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