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Its A Hawaiian Ft On Pstars.

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HowzT FCP, Come chill @ The Rail, if your bored and got nothing else better to do.Currently 178k 3 of 9.$3.5k for 1st.aloha, jC
at work but good luck... you have been CRUSHING lately.
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Dealt to jcashx36x [8s 8d]jcashx36x: raises 16000 to 24000Colachito: folds vessarn: folds PeteGriffen: raises 48000 to 72000skumdk: folds G8keepr: folds Chippytaka: folds LuckyLove8: folds jcashx36x: raises 22622 to 94622 and is all-inPeteGriffen: calls 22622*** FLOP *** [2c Jc 6h]*** TURN *** [2c Jc 6h] [7d]*** RIVER *** [2c Jc 6h 7d] [Ah]*** SHOW DOWN ***jcashx36x: shows [8s 8d] (a pair of Eights)PeteGriffen: shows [Js Ac] (two pair, Aces and Jacks)PeteGriffen collected 207644 from potughhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 8thi can never win a race when its comes down to my tourney life. Still awaiting for my W with atleast a 10k prizepool, hopefully one day it'll come. As for now i justwanna thank u guys for the rail. Sorry i couldnt pull through. Until next time.... Aloha, jC

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