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I hope you learn more!!! COMMONLY USED POKER ABBREVIATIONSGameHE - Texas Hold 'EmNL or NLHE – No Limit Hold 'EmLHE – Limit Hold 'EmOM or OH – OmahaPLO – Pot Limit OmahaOM8 or O8 – Omaha Hi-Lo, 8 or better7S – Seven card Stud7S8 – Seven card Stud Hi-LoSS or LL – Small Stakes or Low LimitHU / HTH – Heads up / Head to HeadSNG or STT – Sit 'n Go or Single Table TournamentMTT – Multi-Table TournamentPositionSB – Small Blind (also can mean Small Bet, i.e., preflop or flop bet)BB – Big Blind (can mean number of Big Bets if preceded by a number, e.g., 4BB per hour)UTG – UTG, first to act pre-flopEP – Early PositionMP – Middle PositionLP – Late PositionCO – Cut off, person immediately to right of the buttonOTB – On the ButtonBetsSB – small bet (Limit term for preflop or flop bet)BB – big bet (Limit term for turn or river bet)PF – Pre FlopPFR – Pre flop raise®CK – checkc/r – Check raisec/c – Check callc/f – Check foldb/c – Bet and call a raiseb/f – bet and fold to a raiseT$ – Tournament chips, not real money ($ is the amount)EV – Expected valueEV+ - Positive expected valueEV- - Negative expected valueCardsXs - SpadeXc - ClubXh - HeartXd - DiamondAKs – Ace King suited (or AK spades) often just indicates suitedAKo – Ace King offsuitAXs – Ace and unspecified suited kickerAx – Ace with unsuited random kickerX – blank card, not remembered, or not important to handHandsTP - Top PairMP – Middle PairBP – Bottom PairTPTK – Top pair, top kickerTPGK – Top pair, good kickerTPNK – Top pair, no kickerTPWK – Top pair, weak kickerOESD – Open-ended straight drawOESFD – Open-ended straight flush drawISD – Inside straight drawBDSD – Back door straight drawBDFD – Back door flush drawFH – Full houseST or str8 - StraightPlayers (There are lots of variations – These are some common ones)LAG – Loose AggressiveLAP – Loose Passive (alternately Loose Aggressive Pre Flop)TAG – Tight AggressiveTAP – Tight PassiveGeneral/Misc.BR – BankrollB&M – Brick and Mortar, a live gamePT – Poker TrackerGT+ – GameTime+, Poker Tracker add-on for Heads-up display during gamesROI – Return on InvestmentITM – In the Money, paying place in a tournamentVP$IP – Voluntarily put money in the potW$SD – Won money at showdownOnline Poker Sites (commonly used ones)FTP – Full Tilt PokerPP – Party PokerPS – Poker StarsUB – Ulitmate BetForumsBTP – Bet the PotUPF – United Poker ForumRGP – Recreational Gamblers Poker

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