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  1. what kind tournaments is best to start with? What sites offer most freeroll tournaments? Thanks for advice
  2. 1) Why are some top class pros labelled poor in one and good in the other? Surely the skills required to succeed at either or the same?2) What are the main differences in strategy and approach (a quick overview is all that's needed thx)?
  3. A few newb q's... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) Can someone give me a written example of pot odds pleeeease? I understand the principle but I'm still not sure how to determine my maximum bet given the pot and bets on the table.2) When their is a full house or a straight on the board, how is the winner determined?3) At the moment I'm winning about 60% of 1 vs 1's at the end of the game for the highest payout. I couldn't see any tips amongst the notes on these? Does anyone have any? What does an average hand look like? Cheers Guys AceSwe
  4. I was dealt 3 clubs, flop has 1 club, turn another. One of my opponents was dealt 2 aces, and got a set on the turn. He wins the hand with 3 Aces. Now, last time I checked a flush beats 3 of a kind, what am I missing?Are the hand rankings different in Omaha?He did not have a better flush. He had 3 Aces, I had a flush.
  5. Is it possible to be a professional Sit N Go player? I've been tracking my winning/losing and it's amazing how much better i am at Sit N Gos than cash games.That got me thinking - are there people that just play SNGs for a living? I'm not thinking of doing it ... but i was just wondering if its even been heard of ... also is there a win/loss margin to think about when moving up to new higher stakes?
  6. Basically the board came to Jd Jd Qs And the river... 7d ...and my opponent bet me a good amount on the turn. I had a read on him and pretty much knew he didn't have the Jacks so I called all in. He called with just the pair of Qs and won. I had nothing.Did I make a good bluff or a bad bluff?Before then I was checking then calling him.
  7. I hope you learn more!!! COMMONLY USED POKER ABBREVIATIONSGameHE - Texas Hold 'EmNL or NLHE – No Limit Hold 'EmLHE – Limit Hold 'EmOM or OH – OmahaPLO – Pot Limit OmahaOM8 or O8 – Omaha Hi-Lo, 8 or better7S – Seven card Stud7S8 – Seven card Stud Hi-LoSS or LL – Small Stakes or Low LimitHU / HTH – Heads up / Head to HeadSNG or STT – Sit 'n Go or Single Table TournamentMTT – Multi-Table TournamentPositionSB – Small Blind (also can mean Small Bet, i.e., preflop or flop bet)BB – Big Blind (can mean number of Big Bets if preceded by a number, e.g., 4BB per hour)UTG – UTG, first to act pre-flopEP
  8. Can you give advice how to play No- Limit? I´ve never played there before
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