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Feeling Like Negreanu.....

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I put 15 bucks on PS to see if I can get something going. I have been playing $1 SNG's and some 0.01/0.02 NL 6 max games. Now I know at these levels the play is horrendous but I must say that I have been getting my money in as an 80/20 fav almost every hand (8/10 times) and yet PS decides that they want to let these fools hit there 2 -4 outters.KK(me) vs. QQ(villian) AIPF - Q hits turn GG meAA(me) vs. 79(villian) - big pot builds up on 73J, turns is a blank and i build some more, river is a 9 and it villain checks I hesitate and check because i know something is up.1010 vs. 66 - 6 hits on turn GG me...........this whole weekend has been a friggin joke and is so frustrating when I am trying to get somehting going and this crap happen every SNG or cash game I sit down in. I know 15 bucks isnt much but it is what I could afford to put on PS right now and I am trying to stick to some form of BR management with hit, hence playing the $1 SNG's.Right now my head is so foggy and I really needed to vent...............................thanks for listening!

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