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  1. I have $3 left to clear the $300 bonus. ugh. Thought I would never have to come back.
  2. Nobody mentioned the Interpoker one where they talk about playing poker on TV and they have this stupid ugly chick that says "I'm all in"?
  3. speaking of UB, I'm playing 1/2 Limit with a guy named Krablar. Which one of you guys is it?
  4. Joined, hope to do a little than 102nd
  5. I've never seen so many bad boards for queens and jacks (I had them twice each and I got no action or boards with A-K-2-A with 3 of a suit) But it could've been worse, GG's all.
  6. All my money is on FTP and I can't get it through Neteller in time, I'll give $15 in FTP money to whoever can send the buyin through stars in the next 20-30 mins.
  7. Is anybody willing to transfer $11 FTP to Stars so I can play in this event?Name and such is in the sig. Thanks in advance.
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