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  1. GSN filmed its fourth season over the weekend. The blinds for Monday’s event were $3,000-$6,000 but most of the time a $12,000 straddle was placed in front of the player who was under the gun. Daniel Negreanu would be around later in the day and the game would go on for as long as the players would like, although at least one player tried to make plans for the evening.http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_news/article/8871Edit: Ya after looking at DN blog looks like Cardplayer are a bunch of morons He does state $1200 straddle.Cardplayer = Idioits :)I = Idiot for misspelling Idiot
  2. Las Vegas at least is like this.10%/$4.00 maxSo..$1.00 @ $10.00 pot,another $1.00 at 20.00,another $1.00 at 30.00,and the last buck at $40.00.So no matter how the betting or checking goes, they follow that rule. The most there going to take is $4.00 even in a $1,000 pot thats checked at the river or not.
  3. Specs?Monitor type and so on.If its a LCD display try going into the on screen menu through your monitor on the buttons on the front and make sure your selecting the proper input.DVI-DCompositeS-videoEct....How is the monitor hooked up?Monitors do not require drivers to operate.
  4. http://wm-live.world.mii-streaming.net/liv...t/curltv/push/3Put that link in Windows Media Player.File-Open URL
  5. Was this something i missed also?Cursing and your out?What's the rule with this.
  6. This is so odd!What kinda tourney are they running over there! lolAre these canadian rules...LOL
  7. Why would he be interviewing him while he's still in the tourney?I don't think thats a common practice...
  8. I hope they don't stop play everytime somone makes a bad call...lol
  9. I thought the same thing. didn't they say he had 10-5
  10. Before we get off topic, which is probably too late.Anyone know the starting chip count?I dont think this was addressed yetAnyone confirm?
  11. The camera issues obviously do not, but you should still be showing some love!
  12. You guys should be supporting daniel here, not throwing him and FCP under the bus!
  13. **** happens guys, relax.You guys are so quick to judge everything.I think its great what there trying to do here.I must be the only one?
  14. Ever hear of "technical difficulties beyond our control"You people expect absolute perfection all the time?It amazes me how many people complain but not 1 person says THANKS DANIEL FOR DOING THIS FOR US LIVE AND FREE TO VIEW!
  15. And you can verify this....LOL I guess your the engineer on duty huh...lol
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