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  1. sly is a clever man and a master of productionand should of won an oscar for his portrayal of tango in the epic "tango and cash"the rocky series is in safe handsplus, AJ BENZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. it can only be a matter of time till gabe kaplan has his own blockbuster
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8EzKvXJh6Mas if this wasnt funny enough, keep a look out for a high stakes poker person.hahahahahahahahahaha and does anyone use nutsbucks?... and if so is there a definitive way to see when the rakeback has gone into your inter account?its annoying the hell out of me that i cant seem to tell when i actually receive it.cos im five tabling so my bankroll is shifting constantly. thanks.
  4. howw far are these places away form whistler? is it realistically commutable?thinking of going to whistler for a 5 month ski season.would like to get in a home game.i think someone said something about pming themmoosh, or hooch?
  5. i think royal tour is quoting anchorman.and as they saywhen in rome...
  6. i think the real question here, is would you hit it?and tbph, as poker players, the fact that all these donkeys want to give us there money is marvellous. would you rather the game was incredibly prestigous and elitist.im not sure if i could outplay allen cunningham. but i could play in a tournament he's in and have a good shot at winning it because of all the donk donkdonkdonkdonks, bigtimedo nkeysbigtimedonkeys... DONKDONKDONKDONKS.i do agree though. we're not gonna make, humans i mean.T2 JUDGEMENT DAYasta la vista baby
  7. how unbelievably thick are you?he's obviously implying that hed like half a million to risk in a h u match with anyone. and if he wa splaying neg. he'd have that sort of cash.the world is doomed because there ar epeople are on this planet that cannot understand this lighthearted reference.DOOMED, T2 STYLE
  8. played all day, 5 tabling and broke even. wasnt too pleased and got into bed and tried to go to sleep. wasnt happening. so i put the computer back on and sat at a few omaha tables.i also sat at a £ . 50 - £ 1. 00 hu nlhe table and pull up 80 quid.a player "sharkfish (deepbluesea) " sits with 100 and loses it to me, then.. he loses another 100.£800 later he's red hot. so i ask if he wants £ 1 £ 2, he goes for it and loses a further £600 to me.it was up and down for a while and i was giving him some action in the form of loose calls, so as not to deter him from continuing.i was waiting for a han
  9. they are a real class act. and gabe is very funny.i think theyre brilliant.so stfu
  10. MAYBE THIS IS WHY HE'S SO DEFENSIVE OF THEM$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  11. i agree. when you start with 2k, its not that much to limp 50 and see a flop. i play a lot of this sort of tournament. and people generally do play very tight.this doesnt mean you should be raising. when i playe d my first £300 tournament i thought id try and play liek gavin smith and other players who say they raise alot of pots. what i find wa sthat i was making continuation bets that wernt getting through, and b4 i knew half my chips were gone.so in the next tournament i played i just started limping in. becaiuse beginner players have read the books, they wont raise very often. so you can
  12. that game is ****e dup.so frustrating..i quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pretty tired gn and gldid take a decent pot off rizen at on e point. for th4 record
  13. right rizens at my table, fantastic.i would have staked you, your avatar has horse in it god ammnit
  14. if i hadnt just cashed out id have staked ya
  15. this sort of arbitrary blasphemy is entirely unhelpful to my horse crusade.thanks for the advice hoos and NoFx, thinking of not playing it, i hate fixed limit.might play, **** knows.tight tho if i do.camels arse in a sand storm.and is that the real JJ prodigy registered?
  16. i pretty much suck at hore ,and all the best players on the net seem to be laying this so i think thats + EVin a fixed limit tournament, is there much need for blind stealing and aggression?any hints would be great beacuase i am truly bad at FL
  17. just came third in the 50 rebuy i came second in yesterday.in the words of PHJR. seconds, thirds, second, third.. and they give annie two millionseriously, im very happy. that means form being all in for my last $50 yesterday, i now have $7000.bragging basically, sue me!!
  18. id prob fold A. what if hes got a set.plus, if he has ak, you might get ****ed. if the play is bad at table and you think your better, just build slowly.b. id ask for a jackpot
  19. props for aj benze. that was funny. norman chad isnt funny, and that wasnt funny.but him interviewing himself would be.my pick is.... sammy farha."you know why? cos im drinkin"
  20. just got 2ndreally easy final table.last hand guy makes it 18k i make it 200k all in with JJ and he calls with K7 and turns a K!thanks for the support NOFX!
  21. chippie...ccccccccccooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. playing the bubble in the 50 rebbyjust moved in on a min raise from a medium stack.she calle din a shot and has weapons of mass destruction.beats my 4 7.still win this.you can take that to the bank
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