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  1. That's also just your max SURE profit. You can obv hedge for way less, that way you still have a bit of a gamble. Like betting $300 on the pats would win you $186 if the Pats won, or you'd still win $600 if the Giants won. Hmm 786/2 = 393, better equity than the $309... there must be some sort of mathematical formula to figure out your best EV, I have no idea how to do it though.
  2. You'd have to bet $556 to get $900 back on the NE bet, guarenteeing you $334 (- the $25) so really $309 profit. I'd prob just let it ride, not really ever worth hedging on the favourite imo.
  3. LOL wow, that's too funny. Not funny you're losing Mr G, but I mean wow, how bad can you run?
  4. Chocolate. But I didn't have any with my eggs, I had apple juice and water.
  5. They were all pretty much the same goal, pretty ridic.
  6. That's not true. I ordered eggs today, sunny side up.
  7. Biatch. Happy belated birthday. For your present I'll take your gf off your hands. Win/win/win (you/me/fcp) we all win!
  8. Looks like Zach and Serge both hit 7 ($3) and Deejay Vu hit 5 for nothing.
  9. That seems silly to me. The players have a lot more trophies than the goalies do.
  10. There's a place in Stratford that was featured on the food network (the show is called You Gotta Eat Here) that supposedly makes some of the best poutines around. I used to get fries there sometimes in high school, but have never tried one of their fancy poutines.
  11. Was looking at the brackets, Milos is so screwed :(He plays either Roddick or Hewitt I think if he wins his next match, then if he somehow wins that one, he's got Djokavic in the round of 32. Not looking good
  12. Was pretty ridiculous when he tried to pass the puck during the shootout.
  13. So she's psycho too? Seriously, must be nice.
  14. Sigh biatch must suck so bad having girls randomly crawl into your bed all the time
  15. I was just checking end of the year schedule, and noticed 15 games scheduled for April 7th. I can't remember the last time all 30 teams played on the same night.
  16. There is 0% skill in this.
  17. Sigh, these 1 game losing streaks are killing us
  18. I feel like we aren't really spoonfed anything from the media, radios, et cetera.. I don't think the media drives us, but rather we drive the media. They constantly talk about Tebow because that's what the people are talking about. They want to appeal to the masses, so they'll talk about what the majority of people want to hear about. It's the same with music. Radio stations aren't forcing crap down our throats, that'd be silly, they'd lose listeners. They play what people like to hear, and they play more often the stuff that people REALLY like to hear. It's common sense. I'm going to
  19. Let us know what the odds are, in real american terms. Those decimals are whack IMO
  20. Fireworks is one of my favourite songs ever.
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