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  1. Well the games usually last about 4 hours or so, intense stuff.........we try and play at the highest level possible (that doesnt mean folding AK pre-flop to a raise) usually there are a couple of games per night (7am job as any poker player knows) so i think personally that the slow structure blinds system is longer, harder but alot more fun and ALOT more skillful.
  2. well basically, I like to play with a large number of chips in a home game - like 1500 chips and 5/10 blinds to start. Many home games i play in is in a cash-game format (pay $5 and get $5 worth) but you cant leave during the game (tourny style). My question is: Do you think low, slow-structure blinds with a large starting chips is more fun than large blinds with relatively few chips? and do you think its more skillful?PS - i know its quicker and you get more games in with less chips.....but is it as skillful?
  3. In the beginning, the world series of poker was usually won by the best player on the day. It gradually got bigger and bigger but you could still win the tournament more than once. As one would expect, poker started becoming mainstream, but again, Stu Ungar won his 3rd title in '97 proving the best players could still win. 2005 main event: complete and total crapshoot. I hear people saying: "matusow, Ivey, Raymer and Andy Black are all did pretty well this year - and they're well known players" how many poker pros names do you know???? probably alot. Considering the large numbe
  4. I said televised...it changes everything if the cameras catch the trash-talk!
  5. I find it intruiging that two of the most successful poker players have such charisma that makes them the two (arguably) most entertaining to watch. I find it very strange that these two players (Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth) have never met heads up in a major televised tournament - and what a match it would be. Phil and Daniel have gone "beyond the felt" and expanded beyond just simply playing poker. Daniel and Phil have both shown themselves to be writers of journalistic quality in both diary-style entries (see cardplayer) and poker analysis. I find it very interesting that
  6. So you gamble with money by playing poker and then get on Daniel's case for spending money that he has earned (in a way!!) and bring up charity?! Piss off, his job his money. I actually cant believe you somehow brought G8 into this forum. I hope you get bad beats for the rest of your life.
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