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  1. ya, its possible i guess...but i think its waaayyyy more likely they go 3-0 than going 0-3...***i do not think the vikings will go 3-0 or 0-3 in the next 3...all im saying is gun to my head if had to make a choice with my life on the line between those 2 options, i would go with 3-0***
  2. You guys will get a good chuckle out of this t shirt...check out the back too, loll
  3. how long till Favre's elbow gets it's own twitter account?
  4. the timer hit zero, so you're stuck with me for another 29 years unfortunately...
  5. going to have to disagree with you on this one...he's been plenty "villified"...retiring and un-retiring shouldnt make you a villin, but he was treated like a murderer...not just by the fans on the internet, but by the media...the day he announced he was comming back, you had espn analysts practicly begging the 31 other teams in the NFL to target his ankle and "end his career"...and this was completely different from lebron situation...lebron and "his team" went around and creating the circus, asking espn for the 1 hour special...favre? he is minding his business, not saying a word and gettin
  6. wait, you guys dont thik favre is villified? favre is in a close race with lebron for the most hated athlete on the internet right now...
  7. you want consisntency?? have you been living under a rock? favre is the most vilified athlete ever, and this is BEFORE the sexual harassment accusations...the internet was on fire the day thiose pics came out, and now there are people on every site in every thread ready to call him a perv just like there are haters all over the internet ready to call kobe a rapist any chance they get...so go ahead and take part, go ahead and act like the exact people you cant stand...enjoy your moment.
  8. and as far as big Ben is concerned, lets not forget he was at the wrong place at the wrong time TWICE....he didnt get suspended untill the 2nd incident.
  9. we dont know those pics are him, and even if they are, we dont know the circumstances...what if he was actually having an affair with her and she asked for those pics? there is def something more to this story...if he just randomly sent her those pics, why didnt it come out in 2008? she's an attention whore whos out for money, why did it take 2 years to surface?all we know for sure right now is he left her 2 voice mails, and asking somebody to "hang out" is not sexual harrassment...why dont you just lay off a little till we find out what actually happened.
  10. i just want to make it clear that this in no way in an "acceptance" thread...i started this thread before the game started last night... :)as a viking fan, last nights game was extremely encouraging....the offense is starting to wake up, and moss only had 3 days to prepare...just wait a few weeks and let moss get a few games with this team under his belt, plus rice will be back and this O will be unstopable...favre completing the comeback wouldve been sweet last night, but im not disapointed because i was fully expecting a loss...jets are arguably the best team in the NFL right now and it was
  11. Figured I'd provide a common place for you guys to shit on Favre and the Vikings!
  12. lol, i would take that in a heart beat! :Pi might as well start a vikings thread, since theyre going to be super bowl champs in a few months
  13. most superstars/athletes cheat...sorry i just ruined sports for you...
  14. "all the douchebag things he does"before this incident, what has he exactly done?its kind of funny to see how angry he can make people
  15. ya, youre absaloutley right... if its truly him its very inappropriate and he deserves a suspension...but i still wouldnt want him to get suspended...this is not something bad enough to get me to turn my back on him...
  16. look, theres a big difference between hitting on a girl and sending her a pictue of your cock...we dont know he sent those pics...a website posts a pic of a penis and were suppose to assume it Favre's??guess what, ive got penis pics of tom cruise and obama, give me a few minutes and ill post them :)source refuses to identify himself/herself...jenn sterger refuses to talk about it...favre, one of NFL's biggest super stars sends pictures of his penis in 2008 and the pics surface 2 years later the week he plays the jets?oh, and even if thats his fucking cock, stop overreacting...this is a league
  17. lol, what does this have to do with how good or how bad of a QB he is?i personally could care less if he hit on a few ladies...the 2 things im worried about is if hes going to be suspended or not and if this whole thing is going to effect him mentally...just when we get moss and things are starting to look good, sheeesh
  18. dang it, thats the only thing i can come up with to respond to the "lakers dominating the celtics" comment he threw in my face...looks like you win this round jelly.
  19. ya, favre has looked bad this year so far, but its not much different from last year. He was rusty his first month last year too, the only difference is they played really bad teams in the 1st month and no one noticed. In a few weeks favres rust will be worn off, rice will be back, the schedule gets easier and favre and moss will have a few games together under their belt, its all gonna come together...You seem a little irritated, I guess you're starting to realize that you're going to have to watch the vikings win the division for a 3rd year in a row :-)Don't worry tho, this is favres last ye
  20. Well, I am pumped!I didn't let myself get excited last night because I learned my lesson from the Vincent Jackson mess but it's official now. :)Favre's weapons in a few weeks: Rice, Moss, Shancoe, Percy and AP...That is HANDS DOWN the best O in the league. GG NFL, better luck next year.
  21. Do you guys realize how lucky we are and how much we owe Favre for throwing that INT vs the Giants???If he doesn't throw that INT the Patriots go 19-0 and make history...I hate anything involving Boston/Bostonians more than I love Favre/Vikings...
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