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  1. Thanks for both replys as I was having a brain fart and actually already new the answer and as the saying goes "Better to be thought of as a fool than opening your mouth and proving it."So thanks again......Shannon
  2. Hey,I'm setting up a home cash ring game with friends and neighbors but have never played NL since they don't have it here in MN. I have played Tourneys though don't get me wrong.I plan on having it be a $50 buy in and everyone for that gets $2000 in chips.What would be a good chip selection for ten people?I'm assuming (Hate to do that) that the SB is $1 and the BB is $2 and being no limit it goes up from there is this correct?Shannon
  3. When you drive for a living and try to pick up tells on cars on whether they will pass, change lanes, or exit.
  4. My bad I was looking at it from a "Get the most chips point of view"I didn't even look at the prize pool and placement point of view.... DUH!I would rather have a bigger prize then more chips.....Thanks to all,mzdadoc
  5. When Tex went all in with A rag I believe Dannahan (sp) had pocket 7's and I know Haschem (sp) had pocket J's. They both called Tex's all in and then checked it down until Haschem won the hand knocking out Tex....Why check it down? They mentioned it almost sounded like courtesy to check it down and knock out a player but playing short handed why wouldn't Dannahan bet into Haschem and try and take him off his Jacks and that way be heads up against Tex.Sitting in the money like that I think I would have bet out real agrressive especially when the Q came on the turn. You're already a millionai
  6. Instead of me writing it all over again just do what I said above your post....IM me so I can keep track of everyone. Trying to get a steady 10 guys/galsmzdadoc
  7. Any night works for me as I'm a night owl any way.I'll try to get a general idea of what nights are good or just set it up so whoever hosts a night decides what night....IM from here and I'll keep track of everone that way.....mzdadoc
  8. I can't say it was the best hand but it was my most profitable.The previous hand I had pocket K's cracked and showed them to the table after losing to runner runner flush. The very next hand I got dealt pocket K's again and the flop came K 5 7 rainbow. I was checked to and decided to bet out figuring I wasn't going to get any action with only two other players still in. Maybe not the right play but it's what I did.....First to act folds and guy in seat 10 raises. I was a little confused so I called. The turn came and it was a blank and he bets out I raise he calls.The river comes another
  9. Hey gang,I would like to get some locals together for regular games every week or every other week. Ring games as well as tourneys.I want to use this time to learn more about the game and gain a greater understanding than I have right now. I want to play and talk about books, the way hands were played and even go over Poker Tracker stats to better understand all of the info out there for Online Poker as well as B & M.I have a heated four car garage and thought we could take turns playing at each others house so if wives are involved they don't get too angry.Winter is coming in the next d
  10. Thanks I appreciate it Jaaaaaaaaaakke
  11. I really appreciate all of the posts and I believe some read the whole thing but most didn't cuz they keep focusing on the hand I mentioned....One last and only time I'll try to clear this up.... :roll: I want to get a group of minnestoans together to grow and learn more so we all get something out of this game we love to play.....Please everyone stop focusing on the hand I mentioned it what an attempt at humor and I won't ever do it again.... :shock: Thanks about the advice about reading SSHE as I am 1/4 through it again.I have also been reading the strategy sections but I'm looking for more
  12. I just downloaded Poker Tracker and it's pretty cool but it does do a lot that I don't understand.I like playing online just for the sake of being at home with the family but B&M is much more of a thrill for me.I play 2/4 and after reading SSHE started really doing better and even got cocky once or twice and moved up in limits. Learned my lesson but still enjoyed it.As far as my friends they aren't as intereested as I am. Now fishing for Walleye would be a different story I would have them beating down the door.....mzdadoc
  13. Sure you count 36 if you are really interested but I think everyone else is really missing what I'm trying to say.I want to get a group of dedicated guys together to learn and grow I don't give a squat about our neighborhood home games.If I wanted that hand analyzed I would have posted it in an appropriate forum section.Come on guys am I really that hard to understand?????? :shock: mzdadoc
  14. I was out of town so I missed a lot of this very insightful info.What I was truly looking for is a group of guy who take there game very seriously. I am 39 years old so I play these home games with neighbors because it's fun and I don't know anyone as committed as I am.I was building a picture of my frustration I don't get married to A K in home games actually if the cards don't come I pretty much always end up going out which is fine.My goal is to get serious local players to help us all grow and expand our game.My example is I'm no math wiz I am a gear head. If you want to know car stuff I
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