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  1. Sometimes it helps to consider the fact that those are the people that pay you off and make poker a beatable game. Sure, they'll get you sometimes, but over the long run players like that and their loose, "I can catch runner runner" calls will make you money in the long run.
  2. What I'm wondering is who's charging .50 for a 3 dollar tournament. Head to pokerstars where 3 dollar MTT's are 3 dollars.
  3. Ugh, no, you're exactly right. I was zombie tired when I posted. He was holding 10 3 suited spades, 4s 5s flopped, have edited now. I'm in Glendale, near Glendale arena.
  4. I haven't been comp'd anything at Casino Arizona, played there a few times. Maybe it's about time I start asking. :!:
  5. Sorry, like 5 in the morning here, haven't been to sleep yet. 9 hit giving him the str8.
  6. Been reading these forums for some time now, first post. So be gentle. =PPlaying a $50 buy in NL home game a couple weeks in a row, and have had some remarkable beats. Last week, worst player in the game, maybe the country, calls my move in at the turn with me holding pocket Q's, turns his cards and says "straight". Well, the board is 10 8 5 rainbow, which, of course makes this impossible. He turns his cards to show 10 7 off (why he was in the pot UTG after a decent raise pre-flop is beyond me) and says "oops". Well, river is a 10 and I bust. Ok, Happens. Second game that night, (only
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