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  1. . There’s differing opinions on that. Hank Haney certainly made him look like a dick in his book, and hank should know. But lots of the guys on the tour would say that tiger was the guy that would remember the name of their wives and kids and ask how they were. I have to say, I disliked Tiger in his heyday. But the new tiger, smiling his way around the golf course, is starting to win me over.
  2. I miss the days when Ollie Rinswun would give us golf tips. He’s great.
  3. Where is the playoff pool located
  4. Also, congrats to Zach for a great season. I understood literally nothing of his number crunching analysis, but it was impressive.
  5. Congrats Dale. You’ve become the new bob for consistently having a good team.
  6. Jays home opener Thursday with 3:30 start. I have a poker event with 300 players about 100 yds away at steam whistle. Doors at 6 pm. This is gonna be a problem.
  7. It feels like, for the first time in a long time, the winds of change are blowing. March For Our Lives is pretty inspiring.
  8. you can’t have five things in a triple crown, dum-dum!
  9. Hey, still a necessary part of the AHL triple crown. -AHL championship -Presidents Trophy -Reject Cup Only one team has ever done it.
  10. That was amazing. Busted my bracket and I don’t care. And the UMBC twitter account is just savage. Lol
  11. Contact the media. The Star for print. Or cp24. I have contacts at both. Or the globe. Text me and I’ll give you some contact #s
  12. Thanks guys. Stopped counting officially
  13. I have: Gothic/ravens 2019 1st rd pick Ravens 2019 1st rd pick Underdogs 2019 1st rd pick
  14. Since it’s the playoffs and people built teams just for the playoff, any reason we couldn’t hold off on final scores until Sunday and count that game?
  15. They have a legal requirement to notify you in writing in advance of any rent increase. If they didn't do it, you don't owe it.
  16. A few years ago I was going to buy a rental property for an income stream. I took a 3 hour Landord/tenant act seminar held by a lawyer. By the end of the seminar, I was no longer interested in buying the rental house.
  17. in, and I don't think i paid for the last one, did i?
  18. not true. Landlord tenant act heavily slanted towards tenants. Gray phrasing like ‘reasonable attempt to pay’ make it easy to not pay rent.
  19. Haven’t read all of the discussion, sorry no time. But here’s one very important point. There are LOTS of restrictive gun laws and regulations on the books in the US. What the NRA and their bought and paid for politicians have taken to doing is getting loopholes passed that basically nullify most of those regulations. Here’s a GREAT video example. https://nowthisnews.com/videos/politics/how-easy-is-it-to-buy-a-gun-without-a-background-check-in-america Before you question whether this is true or not, let me tell you a fact: last year for what amounts to a job purpose I looked into purch
  20. the game is played on ice, not paper, kid. Sincerely, Every non relevant hockey gm in the nhl.
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