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  1. Insane. I have two of the final three players and I lose...... great season though. Gov, shoot me an address and I’ll etrnasfer you. Thanks for running it.
  2. RFID playing cards. They’ve been around for a while. https://ca.pokernews.com/news/2014/01/explaining-rfid-technology-and-poker-2999.htm
  3. florida has already offered their first round draft picks and Ekblad to Seattle in exchange for a Starbucks latte.
  4. he ran in my area. I would have voted for him if I had known he was going to be all butt hurt when he lost....
  5. im joining in. We will form a caravan. Deplorable...
  6. Dave, let me know if you’re putting in any MTT lineups....
  7. it didn’t take me balls. I know next to noth8ng about the nfl....
  8. honestly I didn’t say anything before just in case I coolered you! If you don’t mind, I’m going to ride it out a bit and see what I can do at slightly larger buying. So far so good! Steak on me next time you’re in TO!
  9. Thanks Dave! You are so good, that I MISSED the late changes, entered your original lineup in the 100k spy contest, finished 22nd out of 1.1k and won $600 on my single $100 entry. Your amend3d lineup would have finished 4th beh8nd John racener for $3,000. I hope you don’t mind me riding your expertise!
  10. invitation still open to play a round at glen abbey, my treat.
  11. nice work, dave, you’re killing it! Have you checked numbers against higher buyin head to heads to see if you’d be as successful? If so, you should be taking your Shot! I’d pitch in to your bankroll
  12. lebovic is interesting. Owned by Jewish mobsters that launder money through the place. Played there last year with my dentist who goes to the same synagogue as the owners. He filled me in. The one owner drives a rolls Royce phantom and a $350k Bentley....
  13. I had the sixth pick. I wanted your guy, obv, Daniel, but didn’t even expect you to him with the fourth. Do like Kravstov, Kupari should be a player, o Brien could go either way, LOVE Veleno except have to wait for him, and Two-Last-Names might or might not pan out. But I did swear out loud when you picked fourth. ******.
  14. i tried three times. Installed and reinstalled. Never worked properly. But Luddite is correct. Also, Hutterite. And a little Mennonite.
  15. how about for the guy that doesn’t use slack
  16. LOL.... Jason Bonsignore.. very well done. Good tip for players entering the NHL today.... don’t walk into Glen Sathers office and demand more ice time or you’ll quit to become a male model....
  17. I literally LOLd at the clause saying the sens get a first round pick if SJS trade karlsson to an Eastern conference team. I guess you have to protect yourself after th Hoffman fleecing...
  18. That Humboldt opener last night was heartbreaking. Easy to forget the toll on the survivors. It was on full display last night.
  19. Should we maybe discuss a limit on these types of trades? Is there a rule to stop two GMs from trading $40 five years apart to give each huge bankrolls to take a run?
  20. Hire a coach. (See article above)
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