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  1. There is no doubt that Patrick Fitzgerald should be the US attorney General. But that might have been a bit too much change for Obama's liking.But Fitzgerald still has a lot of work to do in Illinois. There is no way Obama could fire this guy now even if he wanted to.
  2. I'd vote for this guy if he ran for politics because he is really trying to bring change to Politics and I truly believe in his brand of change. This guy is taking on anyone and everyone and because of that he might end up dead soon.
  3. I won! $500 on Obama -140 on May 7th. Wall Street's candidate won too
  4. The horrible play towards near the bubble by some players drives me just about nuts at times. Pop Quiz - Situation is: There are 6 players left and the shortstack has 350 chips and is in the bb when the blinds are 100-200. What do you do? A. Everyone at the table call his 200 regardless of the two cards you have. If he pushes in his last 150 then everyone call him. IT doesn't matter what two cards he has he is more than likely going to lose if all 6 players play it through.BTW, never ever ever ever ever raise another player out the pot if the player in 6th is all-in. This one drives me insane.
  5. The guys from Goldman Sachs were the ones they lead the US into the crisis. That is a fact! So recruit more because they warned their friends to bail?
  6. Turn to a blind eye to it if you want. Meanwhile the stock market is the midst of Major Crash and Paulson, a Bush Appointee, who performed very poorly in his job to prepare the US for this crisis inexplicably has the support of Barack Obama.You would think a Democrat running for president would be very critical of the secretary of Finance of one of the most unpopular presidents in history when under his watch he led the economy straight into an iceberg.But instead he says maybe he'll keep him on the job for a while.http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2008/09/21/o...ing-transition/
  7. Exactly. And they are assured to influence Obama as presidentGuess who will be advising him in his pick for the next treasury secretary. "Obama has made it clear he would rely on former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin for advice in his choice. "Yeah that Same Rubin.http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home
  8. The secretary of finance shouldn't be anyone associated with Wall Street at all. Wall Street execs are the ones who got us into this mess. Yet we are suppose to trust them to get us out of it?
  9. Former Goldman Sachs executives have been running the department of finance for a while. And look where they have lead us
  10. The question is where will it be at when the Obama administration is over. By the way CEOS of companies don't really care about their investors.
  11. The secretary of finance is Henry Paulson. Former CEO of Goldman Sachs.The $700 Billion bailout is be guided by Neel Kashkari a former Goldman Sachs executive. Robert Rubin the secretary of finance under Clinton was Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Operating Officer at Goldman from 1987 to 1990.Forget Corporations running the country. It Is One Corporation. GOLDMAN SACHS!
  12. A lot of the proposed oil sands projects in Alberta are in serious jeopardy and some have already been scrapped. The credit crisis combined with Oil plummeting makes raises capital for the projects unviable.The Oil prices have been artificially inflated of late and now Oil is becoming the latest bubble to burst on the markets.Bush had an oil friendly administration. Obama will have a Wall Street friendly administration. I'm sure Goldman Sachs will end up coming out of the other side of the latest crisis smelling like roses because they are basically running the country right now and they are i
  13. He has no chance to win by doing that.Really his only chance is if he starts telling Americans what Washington is like and to cleanse his soul and tell Americans what really needs to happen to fix the countries numerous problems. That won't happen though. Straight talker my ass. He is controlled by special interests and so is Obama. The US is hooped either way. Corporations run the country and neither candidate will stand up to those corporations.
  14. I should clarify.Alternative sources are needed. Absolutely. But off shore drilling and combing the Oil Sands of Alberta are both not financially viable right now and companies are not going to invest in projects that are not financially viable. There is a reason most of the oil comes from the middle east. Because it is cheap to get at. The dependence on oil overall needs to be reduced for many reasons. But the dependence on foreign Oil needs to be reduced by lowering the dependence on oil period. Producing oil in the US domestically is a non-issue because opening up drilling and combing the o
  15. Has anyone noticed that Oil is taking it on the chin in the financially markets lately?Yet both candidates talk about more drilling being needed. Really? Do they realize that these drilling projects need Oil to stay at $100 barrel to be financially viable and they need a lot of capital which isn't exactly growing on trees these days. Right now Oil is probably headed for $85 very soon and could easily go lower. These projects aren't going to happen until the price goes back up because they are too pricey. It is a non-issue.
  16. Obama is going to win. The debate was pointless. It is predetermined.The only chance McCain had was to actually be honest with the US people and dump on his own(Republican) special interests. McCain needs to throw caution to the wind and he and his handlers seem hesitant to do that. But honesty is not a trait of any politician and he is no exception.Obama won the debate only in that he did not lose it. The format of the debate was horrible.McCain should have opposed the bailout. It's a bandaid. Henry Paulson was the man who let things get as bad as they got and yet Obama has called him a smart
  17. BTW.They have made another adjustment. The chat is blocked once it gets down to 7 players.
  18. I was in one turbo $10.40 today and there was 6 players left with one player who had been sitting out since early. he had less chips than everyone.I was trying to fold every hand as fast as possible but a couple of times other players went into the tank deciding what to do. I was nearly screaming at my screen. "Play fast you idiots!"When the player sitting out was down to 400 I had about 1000 in the sb with kk. Auto FOLD!
  19. Repeat!I'm not saying the financial woes are not real. I'm saying they are coming to a head now for a REASON!
  20. Do you think they would advertise it? Did you see the soft ball questions the head of Lehman brothers got today?Goldman Sachs employees aren't minor contributors to Obama. They are his top contributor overall!Henry Paulson - US Treasury Secretary - Former CEO and CharimanUS Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has tapped a former Goldman Sachs executive, Neel Kashkari, to head the government's new $US700 billion ($913 billion) financial bail-out program.
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