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  1. I agree with 'tekn0wledg' that the bluff on the end was bad, for reasons I stated in my initial post, and for the practical reasons he stated (although they go hand in hand).However, I have to take issue with something else that he said:"I definitely would not chase with a gut shot while heads up. Open ended maybe in the right conditions, but never an inside straight."Never say "never" in poker. What you need to be focused on is pot odds. The size of the pot should be the major factor in almost every decision you make. The larger the pot, the more correct it becomes to play weaker draws. U
  2. I am but a rank amateur. I just love the game and have been studying and playing my butt off (when I'm not bogged down with work and other responsibilities) for about a year and a half.One thing I have learned with near certainty is that in most low limit hold'em games, your opponents will be playing very loose and calling with all kinds of hands (keep an eye out for the better tight players, of course) and you should play accordingly. Bluffs should be kept to a minimum, and even then should not be used at random. It is important to read your opponent's hand as being weak enough to easily f
  3. As I'm sure you know, this hand was not played well. And the comment that you received about your opponent's bad call on the river should not distract you from the fact that you lost chips unnecessarily here.First, no need to steal with trash like 63 (suited or not). Remember that you're playing 2/4 here. That generally means that your opponents play very loose and go all the way to the river with as little as a couple of overcards. Unless you have a very good read on the blinds in this hand, you should not be attempting to steal with cards that low.Once the flop comes [4 7 T], there are 6
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