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  1. Hello everbody, Very long time lurker but wanted to reply to this post. I played with Jim Meehan at the 2004 WSOP main event. This guy drinks Scotch like they're going to stop making it but I never laughed and had more fun at a poker table then playing with this guy. He's a very good guy too.
  2. Hey, Very long time lurker, but I live off Fort Apache and Sahara. I mostly play tournaments at the Orleans and cash games at Ceasars or Red Rock. I have a full time job but its definitely a welcome 2nd income.
  3. my Party screen name is rwiech, doesnt mean anything. Just my initial and part of my last name. I usually play 2-4, 3-6 limit or the $10 and $20 NL sit n go's.
  4. I didn't mean to imply that I was chasing just because we were heads up. I just thought I would have a better chance to take a stab at the pot if I missed against one opponent rather than a mulitway pot. thanks though.
  5. I'm playing 2-4 last night when I pick up 3 6 on the button. Everybody folds to me and I raise on a steal, SB folds, BB 3 bets it, since I'm already in for $4 I call the extra $2. The flop comes 4 7 10 1 heart. He bets into me and I call to take 1 stab at the gustshot. The turn brings the 2 now giving me a flush draw. He again bets into me and I call(I know I shouldnt chase but it was heads up). Another blank on the river and now he slows down and checks. I figure he missed his draws so I bet into him, he takes up most of his allotted time and finally calls to take down a decent
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