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  1. the audio works now because its 16 players...
  2. i have seen this guy at the high stakes tables before? is he an internet pro?
  3. jdags is killing it tonight, 46k on a $25/$50 is just disgusting. Mike wins the battle with Prahlad though taking 25k in winnings. Finally Mike wins...
  4. yea man, plus Jdags is having a good night too, and some of the chat between the players is interesting too, especially mike....
  5. good ol' mikey and spirit(prahlad) are playin $50/$100 right now on full tilt if anyone cares....
  6. he looks more like carlos mortenson at a quick glance than russel crowe
  7. had the same convo except he wasnt asking for backing he wanted me to sign up and give him referral bonus. He imed me on about 4 different occasions all three times not remembering he talked to me already, either way he is blocked on my name. I told the guy to try out 1800Gambler
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