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  1. I like that com. Where the guy is riding the chicken. lol
  2. robert f

    Ron Mexico

    Kick some a$$ Ron and Royal. I would love too see it. I miss the old days.
  3. robert f

    Ron Mexico

    I dont see any mods on now. I do miss the good ol days. Ron and Royal going at it. It was funny as hell.
  4. robert f

    Ron Mexico

    Hey I have started threads about 20 different people. Believe me, I have been told what the rules are. Dont blame me Mr.
  5. robert f

    Ron Mexico

    Lock it up. By the rules you can not start a thread about other members.**** Ron Mexico.
  6. DN is using big words again. Dam, He never ceases to amaze me.
  7. Wow, I added DN to my ignore list. You can not even read his blog when you do this. lol Can I cut your hair?? I promise, I will be gentle.
  8. Thanks, Mr. PM. You still the man.
  9. Where do you see this?? In my controls?? I see manage ignore list. Is that the samething??
  10. Hell, I always thought his name was Armadillo Slim.
  11. Anyone know how to find the ignore button?? I would really like some help.Is it in my controls???
  12. Dr. Kimble. The next time you call me the ****tard will be the last time. You will force me to take action. I do not call you names. I think you are the one seeking attention. Why do you always post on my threads??? Didnt your mommie give you enough tittie when you were little. Do you need something to suck on??? Is that your problem?? You can suck my **** if you like. Just dont bite it.
  13. Yes, and I knoweth some Ahole could get their a$$ kicked. Iam tired of being nice to you guys. lol. Hell, with all this love ****. I tried God. It doesnt work for me.
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