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  1. Absolutely agree. The argument can be made that perhaps in a moral sense what Ivey did was wrong, but how can it be illegal? If he played no part in the cards being flawed, it is on the casino 100% imo. The dealers are supposed to check the cards when they're brought into the game. Plus, at a game of those stakes, the pit boss should also be looking over the dealer's shoulder and security should be monitoring it all. I will go a step further and say that any casino that was using that series of cards after Phil's run in with the London casino is run by idiots. I guarantee that if Ivey had
  2. That and I made it a point to pick players who I thought were more likely to play a full schedule i.e. I took Faraz Jaka over Hassan Habib because I think that he will play a lot more although I think that Habib is a more consistent player.
  3. Are you still considering selling shares of your One Drop entry here on FCP?
  4. Can you speak to the validity or bullshit nature of this accusation?http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-...66/index92.html
  5. I agree with you completely. I know a couple of guys who have dealt the WSOP and the WSOP Circuit and they said that the tips really don't make up a great deal of their pay. That being said, the juice being paid as well as the standard 3% being deducted from prize pools does not lend itself to the players tipping when the tournament is over. For example, I played a tournament at the Goldstrike in Tunica last weekend where the buy in was $300 +$40 with a $10 dealer toke. So if you count the toke as part of the entry since it is not going to the prize pool you are paying 16% juice before the 3%
  6. You're right it was 2500. Although I sucked it up in the tourney, I did very well in the cash games at the Horseshoe. The $1-$3 NL seems to be a lot easier to beat there than at Sams Town. I'm guessing it's because the abundance of old tight players that stay on the Sams Town side of Tunica versus the younger players that tend towards the Goldstrike and Horseshoe.
  7. Quick trip report for anyone who might care:blinds start at 25-50 Hand 1- I'm UTG raise to 150 with AQ suited get repopped to 1000, I fold.Hand 2- I'm big blind same guy makes it 1000, I fold.Hand 3- My small blind same guy makes it 1000 again, I fold.Hand 4- My button guy once again raises to 1000, I see pocket kings reraise to 25000, he shoves, I call, he has aces, I vomit in mouth and leave after not catching.Cliff Notes:I got tilted and suck at poker
  8. Sam's Town is having a 25K guarantee this Saturday at 11AM. It's $160 + $30 with atleast 10K for first. The way that poker has been around here lately, I don't think that they'll get the 157 that they need to break even, so there should be a decent overlay. I missed the WPO last month, so I'm really looking forawrd to this one.
  9. I'm making the trip over to Tunica (from Alabama) next week to play a couple of the $230s, a $340, and maybe a few sattys. Anyone else going to be there? Also, has anyone here in Biloxi for the WPT and if so how are you doing in the prelims?
  10. I'm playing a couple of tourneys at the Horseshoe in Tunica for the Magnolia Classic next week and I am wondering what you think a proper tip from the winner should be. The tourneys that I'll be playing are $125+25 with a $10 dealer toke. The Horseshoe also reserves 3% of the prize pool for the staff if I remember correctly.So, for the sake of easy math, let's say that 100 people play. That would make a net prize pool of $12,125. This means that the casino is taking in $2500 off of the registration fee plus another $375 not to mention the theoretical $1000 for the dealer toke. With that relati
  11. Dude, it's like the first time that you get crabs from a hooker. You can get rid of the crabs, but the memory remains long after the fact.
  12. That's exactly what I meant. The general public does not need to see him act the way that he did at the Main Event and think that it's acceptable. I guess it might be good that people will try to emulate the horrible style that Gold applied in High Stakes Poker and donate money, but other than that I think that he is an overall detriment to the poker community.
  13. While I am disappointed that Daniel did not win the WSOPE Main Event, I am more than overjoyed that he took the lifetime tourney winnings lead from that assbag Jamie Gold. TY DN
  14. I guess Men didn't have enough extra chips from his horses to make it to the final table.
  15. He should consider himself lucky that casinos aren't owned by the same people as back in the 60's and 70's or he'd already be in a hole somewhere.
  16. I think that is where I screwed myself. I reraised preflop to isolate the original raiser. I did not expect a call from the bb for that much more. The way he had been playing I did expect him to reraise if he had a hand. Upon further thought, I realized that he was wanting middle position to four bet so he could shove.
  17. I was playing the 1/3 live game at the Horseshoe in Tunica last week when this hand came up. I am on the button when I pick up pocket jacks after a raise to $17 from middle position. I resraise to $60 and get a call from the big blind and a call from the original raiser. The flop comes Kh Jh 6d and the big blind bets it out for $120 and middle position calls. I think for a few seconds then shove for an additional $400. Of course I get called by both players with the big blind showing kings for top set and I don't catch the case jack. The other guy called the two way all in with AK off to be dr
  18. I'm going to Tunica at the end of the month for my birthday and I need advice as to which casino to play at. I normally go to Biloxi and this is my first non-blackjack related trip to Tunica. I'll be staying at the Goldstrike, but I'm not sure where to play.Hold-em, cash or tourney, all advice is welcome. Thanks guys and/or ladies.
  19. I'm not on stars yet but good luck to you sir
  20. FMLI just flopped broadway on a rainbow board, then timed out, and 3 ****ing people got all in on the river with two pair or worse. Pokerstars here I come.
  21. I made it through most of the evening then finally disco'ed three handed on a 9 person. I was somehow lucky enough to make it to heads up with about 4 bb left when I reconnected. Now I wish there was a restore option to go back to the old software.
  22. I followed the e-mail that GWCGWC posted in the FTP freezing up thread and everything seems to be working fine so far. If I make it through the night without a "not responding" and a few disconnects, I will consider it a success.
  23. Currently, it is in the middle of my 30 minute layoff to because it froze up again. At one point this evening, I counted 18 disconnect/reconnects in a 60 second period. I realize that I do not play as high of stakes as some of you, but I am extremely pissed. I don't know how those of you who are left on FTP take it. I'm ready to shoot Jesus and Andy Bloch in the head.Venting is now over. I apologize for wasting seconds of your lives with this, but I needed to get it out.
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