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  1. Ended up sticking with the original lineup. Scored 175 and Cashed everything.
  2. I’m just glad I didnt invest much emotional energy into worrying whether he would sign or not.
  3. Also the same cap-circumventing structure that was widely speculated before the season. This was always coming right down to the wire. I’d be surprised if it was ever truly in danger of not happening.
  4. 3 minutes before the deadline at the same number that was floated by Marc Savard 3 weeks ago..... I feel like this has been an elaborate troll by everyone involved
  5. so, 30 minutes left? any time now.....
  6. I don't really consider myself particularly knowledgable about hockey. Compared to the general population, yes, but compared to people who would be playing DFS seriously for money, nah. I do think that NFL DFS brings in the most recreational money and it's not even close, but the main reason I enjoy it way, way more than other sports is just the way the NFL sets up. You have all week to think things over, do research, make lineups etc.. which is something that I really enjoy doing. Then the actual act of sitting down and watching NFL red Zone on sunday and sweating all your players is so
  7. Here's my initial build for my week 13 Cash lineup. QB Patrick Mahomes RB Christian Mccaffrey RB Spencer Ware WR Adam Thielen WR Adam Humphries WR Chris Godwin TE Eric Ebron FLEX Aaron Jones DST Rams unless something drastic happens, I'm locked on the core of: Ware, Mccaffrey, Thielen, Humphries, Godwin, Ebron. I am considering 3-man swap of Newton, Saquon Barkley, Browns D instead of Mahomes, Jones, Rams. My gut tells me that the former is the more optimal lineup (slightly), but it would also be taking a stand against the field on Barkley, as I expect him to be fairly
  8. This lineup ended up not cashing, but I feel really good about the lineup even in hindsight. The biggest decision point that turned the whole week was picking James Connor over Christian Mccaffrey at the same price point. In hindsight, it obviously looks like a huge mistake, but I still believe with the information available to us before Sunday that is was a correct, or at least reasonable decision. I think this was my favourite lineup of the season, despite the results as I think the thought process was good on every roster decision and the roster had a very solid floor with a chance for much
  9. My gut feeling is a contract gets announced right before the deadline. My guess is 8 years 54 million. The more I think about it, the more I feel like it would just be a colossal mistake for Nylander to sit out the season. He'll never make up the money lost by sitting the year, not to mention losing a year of hockey in the primer of his career. Unfortunately for Nylander, the Leafs hold all the power at this point.
  10. Just watched Friedman’s comments on Nylander. He is one guy who is really tapped into the players and who’s analysis I would trust more than pretty much anyone. Hopefully this was just speculation from him because I really want Nylander to be a Leaf.
  11. Is that CBD oil or whatever? What kind of benefits do you get from it, if you don’t mind sharing?
  12. I only listened to the episode my brother was on.
  13. Yeah I watched him quite a bit in Lethbridge. Thought he had the raw offensive ability to run a PP in the NHL someday if he cleaned up the rough edges of his game. He always kind of reminded me of Cody Franson. I drafted him in the FCHL. I’ll check out the article, thanks.
  14. I don’t think a fair trade exists given everything going on. If you trade him now you are selling low. I would prefer to let him sit the year over signing him for too much money (within reason), or trading him below value.
  15. My coment wasn’t even about the double idol + nullifier tribal, I was talking about the slam town eviction. But DAMN! 2 incredible tribal councils in a row. This is a really good season.
  16. 50k in groceries per year is as good as money
  17. I’m assuming it was that Safeway score and win contest
  18. Alex Collins is out which makes Edwards a lock.
  19. Week 12 for now QB Jameis Winston RB Marlon Mack RB James Connor WR Julian Edelman WR Tyler Boyd WR Adam Humphries TE Zach Ertz FLEX Gus edwards DST Colts Really weird week with all the cash game mainstays either already played or on bye week. This will be the first time all year I’ve spent up at TE and I actually considered playing Ertz in the TE and Kittle in the flex this week. The only absolute lock for me was Marlon Mack, one of kittle/Ertz and one of Lamar Jackson and Jameis. It should be a low scoring week for cash games as there isn’t a lot of value across the board. I
  20. My guess is you took the Vikings in week 1 which inadvertently also saved you from the Bills/Vikings bloodbath in week 3
  21. I was a casualty to the saints only loss of the season against the bucs in week 1.
  22. I think any roster with Connor Mcdavid and Leon Draisatl is going to have a chance to compete, and some competent management could definitely lead them down a successful path in the next 5-8 years. But.. The oilers drafted Mcdavid 4 years ago. Leafs Drafted Matthews 3 years ago. I may be biased, but Based on strength of current roster and overall outlook for the next few years, the Leafs are in far better shape than the Oilers and I don’t think it’s particularly close. The oilers current roster is quite frankly embarrassing, and the fact that young players like Puljarvi and Yam
  23. I don’t necessarily think the Leafs rebuild can be considered a success at the current point in time, but the Oilers rebuild has been an unmitigated disaster.
  24. I mean, I assume nobody here is going to argue sincerely that the Oilers Rebuild has been more successful than the Leafs’.... right?
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