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  1. I personally like messing with the big chip leader,he feels compelled to make moves when he really shouldn't and of course attempt to over play every hand he's in. If he is a skilled player - different story but how many players really know how to use their big stack.If he had trips - I doubt an all in here, over pair - again unlikely. If could string this lad along and get all his chips, his allin is a bully tactic.So the quesion is" do I risk my tournmanent life here" - I think the odds would indicate a call here, yes the preflop decision can be questioned but once the flop hits - I feel y
  2. that's a bad streak,Paradise Poker online, 9 times in a row lost with trips.Nice. Safe to say I'm not a big pusher of Paradise.
  3. he was loose aggressive,you have to pick your fights and I guessed right (sort of) he won the hand but I have to live with it.It's interesting to see that Rocket thinks another style of play might be suitable because that's my question.more info:My aj was not suited. He was the puck(dealer) and I was BB, nobody else in the hand. Loose aggressive style, he had 30,000 in chips.If i just call and then make a $4,000 bet , he cannot call or at least it's a really tough decisionto make and I'm sitting at $11,000 instead of being knocked out. If I miss the flop I sit at $4,000 but again that might
  4. I do think the allin is the right play,He had chips and he was on the puck,I thought I had a dominate hand ( I was right),your right 4BB left is foolish, it's just happend twice and I guess some doubt was creeping in, foolish. Those were 2 great opportunities to double up and it just didn't happen.Thxs Cddddc75.My background is 10/20 15/30 hold'em,love the Nolimit tournies but still have a lot to learn.
  5. 41 man tournament, $80 buy in.102,500 chips in play.Blinds are 500/1000BB I have AJ,Puck makes a 2500 raise, I have a $7,500 I go all in and he calls with K10,my question is should i just call the raise, leaving me with a $4,000 bet on the flop - the flop came up A 2 5 - not sure my $4,000 bet would have scared him off but his decision is much easier perflop to go with K10 (all in) vs seeing the flop and then a $4,000 bet with the ideal flop for me. Turn was J and of course the Q for his straight and knocked me out.This other situation is a 1010 and the BB called me with 810, same scenerio, B
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