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  1. Anyone know where to watch WSOPE FT Streaming Video? Bwin has audio but not video. Was just curious if there was somewhere i can watch it like the final tables earlier this year from the WSOP.
  2. Can someone please explain for the life of me how to figure out wich low is the lowest when both hands are the same low.IE: Both players have a 7 LowHand(1) A,6 Hand(2) 2,5 BOARD 3,4,7,J,KSo where we get mixed up is Player 1 thinks he has the lowest hand because his Ace is better then the 2. But player 2 says he has the lowest hand because he has a 5 and its lower then the 6. Basiclly what I need to know is what direction do you go when your trying to figure out the low tiebreaker. From High to low or Low to High.Does anyone have any little tricks they use to figure out the lows?On a side note
  3. Yes, thats the catch in this circumstance, if its during the deal then we usally just redeal to everyone too. But when the cards have been delt out and a flop came and the pot has a bunch of chips in it thats where we are having problems. Where trying to decide if its better to reshuffle the mixed up cards and let the remaing players resume the hand or ruling it a complete miss deal and starting the hand over. Thanks everyone for their input.
  4. Low stake poker=laptop out the windowNo one folds if it dosnt matter.
  5. Wich sucks for the people in the hand that now have to give up a potentialy huge pot(Could have floped the nut flush and have dealer missdeal the river) to the players who originaly folded their hands.
  6. We rotate the deal we dont have a desiganted dealer. It being a home game there is usally Drinking and Smoking involved witch is the cause of the missdeal most often. However the KEM cards are quite slippery and the other day it was actually myfault for being the jackass who missdealed. (Picked up the deck and they just shot outa my fingers everywhere.)
  7. After you get the dealer a cleanex for the punch to the nose. What if the burn cards and the mucked cards get mixed in do you reshuffle all the cards together?
  8. Ok so weve had this happen a few times now at our weekly home game tounry and where looking for a good RULE to stick with.What rules do you guys use when the dealer acidenlty miss deals in the middle of a hand?IE: dealer is dealing the turn card and he drops deck and gets cards everywhere? What would be the best option here?Is it a complete miss deal? Just curious how you guys decide this one.
  9. awsome, thanks guys.To bad theres no TOC anymore. Last years was my fav TV table of all time. The mouth and Danny gettin show stopped by Sexton.
  10. Does anyone know if ESPN is going to show this event on TV? The adds keep saying that there going to start showing the main event next week. On the WSOP web site it says that ESPN did coverage of the event. Anyone have any idea, i think it would be pretty lame if they didnt televise the biggest buyin of the WSOP.Or did I just miss it somehow?
  11. Dont you know this forum is -EV for last longer bets, these guys are sharks. Your better off taking your money to the 2+2 froums.
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