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  1. just saying you are being a dick, I have no idea who Amak or Amit are most non tourney fan boys don't. So WTF is your problem?
  2. I just relate to Dexter with the faking all human emotions and such.... ummmm I have said too much.(also I have no idea how a police department works so it doesn't bother me)Downloading The Wire now..
  3. OMG LOL it is like 4am QVC threw up!
  4. sigh I finally caught up on all the episodes of Dexter and now I am not sure what I am going to do with my life!
  5. so do you agree that CO2 leads to a warming of the atmosphere?and do you agree that we have a shit ton more than we use to in the atmosphere?
  6. yeah I think there is only one play really here, IMO and that is to shove, without a read. If you knew he was a nit you could fold.
  7. it is large a % of your stack to just smooth call
  8. calling is pretty horrible IMO shove or fold.
  9. I think the reload bonus is like $50 or something lame like that, they don't do a lot other than thier FPP program which is pretty cool when you get up to the higher levels, but you are going to have to grind 4 billion hands at the lower limits.Also I saw you playing on FT the other day B)
  10. you are all stupid patriots are going to win the title this year.can David post some gnome pics now?
  11. so you are saying that after the first H the coin is due to come up tails right
  12. of all people you should understand variance
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