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  1. So, yeah, I grew a beard and started wearing watches again. Anyway, gall bladder is weird; mostly because it's one word - hereto gallbladder. My wife recently had issues with hers. Something about sludge build up but what I'm really thinking is it's my "manhood" finding a safe haven to hide out and eventually impregnate her after I die from crippling heart disease. It'll be nice to stress her out from the grave
  2. Wrong. No one counts how many trips to the salad bar you make or how gregarious you are with the blue cheese ladle.
  3. Gene Hackman is the bees knees. Roomed with Dustin Hoffman at one point I hear.
  4. attaboy...and I never protest too much, just enough to make it slightly uncomfortable. safe words and all.
  5. meh, too easy but I like taking a swing at slow lobs.
  6. best WednesdayNightLastCall3:00am advice ever.
  7. I got drunk one night and ordered 3 of the 28oz 6-pack of Sriracha chili sauce off Amazon. Now I get drunk when we have guests over and try to get them to leave with a bottle or two. I guess the moral is I like to get drunk and be generous with my sauce. Now there's a line for your online love ad.
  8. Yeah, because that's what the ladies like...a jittering, stressed up testicular IED waiting to explode the minute his groin brushes up against a barstool. go get 'em tiger. Anyway, so this place is still a thing?
  9. Holy hell...Mr. Sparco actually won a WSOP bracelet? I feel in some way due something like being able to rub it against my liberally mayonnaised body.
  10. well hey hey...I've had sherlock holmes from netflix for the past 4 months and still haven't watched it. too busy catching up on history channel's Top Shot
  11. This is all so very interesting. I do wish pele and mr. sparco would chime in to elevate this to the next level.
  12. awesome, i think, simple question though. how come you took out the decimals from .45 and .31 given they are cents.Also, the 16.2*31 is 502.2 but you listed 409.2. am i missing something?
  13. Got this quiz coming up and I'm trying to understand and solve the following equation:Buschena and Perloff (1991) estimated the coconut oil demand function to be:Q = 1,200 − 9.6P + 16.2PP + 0.2 YwhereQ = quantity of coconut oil demanded in thousands of metric tons per yearP = price of coconut oil in cents per poundPP= price of palm oil in cents per poundY = is the income of consumers.i. Calculate the price elasticity and cross-price elasticity of demand for coconut oil. Assume that P is initially 45¢ per pound, PP is 31¢ per pound, and Q is 1,275 thousands of metric tons per year.ii. Calculate
  14. thanks, forgot the decimal place.
  15. but then I wouldn't have anything to talk about
  16. so I suck at math. does anyone know how to explain this?With the collection of delinquent accounts, 70% or personally called on, 20% are phoned, and 10% are sent a letter, the probability of collecting an overdue amount from an account with the three methods are 75%, 60%, and 65% respectively. A payment was received on a delinquent account so what was the probability of this account:called on personally?received a phone call?received a letter?supposed to use a contingency table to solve it but, well, i have no clue.
  17. I want to get some money on stars tonight. What's the best way to get that done? Visa gift cards still work?
  18. I don't know if any of you have ever tried Dogfish Head beer as it's more local to the mid atlantic region...very good stuff anyway if you get the chance. I just bought this tap from them as only 50 are being sold. I had to have it:
  19. You listen to me and you listen good...this is Mr. Delaware and never ever forget it Stevenhttp://www.frankdelaware.com/
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