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  1. Did anyone else happen to see that on the WPT championship. Well Hasan Habib held A 4 and Rob Hollink held 4 2 . Was this for real or was it a TV error.
  2. Did anyone happen to catch last weeks world poker tour? While there was someone at the table by the name of Danny Nguyen.When I first realized he was lucky is when he was calling a bet of 100,000 by Gus Hansen with just an inside strait draw,after missing it on the turn he did hit it on the river taking down a 600,000 chip pot.Several televised hands later he was up agaisnt Men the Masters QQ with his J J.With the flop coming with no draws for either of them,a jack hit the turn along with a jack on the river for runner runner Quads.After knocking out Men he quickly went back to work by hitting
  3. If that really is Phil Hellmuth how can you badtalk him.He is the unluckiest poker player I have seen on TV.He has won more money than you will in your whole lives.Almost every time Phil gets knocked out of a tournament on TV it is bad luck,I mean in the 2004 world series of poker in the 3,000$ dollar pot limit holdem championship,2 players hit running flush cards in 2 huge pots.You guys should show more respect to World Champions.
  4. if youre still not satisfied lets do the math ourselves, it seems you are failing math, so Ill do it52 cards - 2(your hand)-2(opponents hand)-3(flop)=45 unseen cards2 will help so2/45 X 1/44= 2/1980= 1/990.....there is no way to defend yourself now, i win, you lose, just up and do your homeworkya well on the first season of poker superstars Gus Hansen had J J vrs TJ Cloutiers 5 5, the flop came J 2 9 and the odds clearly said Gus(99.99%)Tg(o.o1%) so i dont think that a tv show would lie.
  5. Eddie do you think im dumb.I know they only show the intersting hands on t.v i know that was not the FIRST heads up hand.And David did play bad against daniel he didnt need to go all in with Q Q the blinds werent that high.There were several hands that could beat david with the board of 9 2 2.
  6. Eddie no you are wrong it is.1% when they have 3 cards they need to catch runner runner.IT IS .01 IF THEY NEED TO CATCH 2 CARDS ON THE TURN AND RIVER SO YA YOU DONT KNOW YOUR ODDS.
  7. Does anyone agree with me that David Williams is horrible heads up.In the 2004 WSOP Main Event he acted like he had a train to catch against Greg Raymer heads up.He blew all his money away on the first hand. Raymer had very rarely bluffed at the final table and yet David was calling 3 million dollar bets with 2nd pair.Also he had a big chip lead over Daniel Negreanu and blew it by several big mistakes.I think if David Williams doesnt improve he will never win a big poker tournament.
  8. Daniel,hi i am 14 years old and play poker almost everyday.I get excited when I see that you are at a final table that is televised.So my question is,Do you enjoy high limit cash games or no limit tournaments better?P.S I liked the way you played the A A against David Williams in the 2004 Borgota open.David is still very inexpierenced in heads up play.
  9. I didnt know having a 1 out of ten thousand chance was an average bad beat.I am only 14 years old and I probuly know more than you.
  10. Daniel I am only 14 years old,but I think I am very good for my age even though I am up only about 600 dollars in poker for the year.I just wanted to ask you a question, do you think you are beter at no limit or limit poker?And, Do you think you have made more in tournaments or cash games.Your recent win at the 2004 Borgota Open made you 1million+ dollars alone.I think you are a great player.Good luck in future tournys.
  11. I think limit holdem is only related to NL holdem by them both having holdem in there names.In limit holdem you actually have to bet LUCKY to have pocket aces hold up since so many people call little minium baby raises in limit poker.NL poker takes a heck of a lot more skill.In limit poker the bluff is pretty much erased from the game since the bets arent that high.I would have to say they dont have much in common for the gameplay.Reading a limit holdem book might make you NL play even worse.
  12. I have played a heck of a lot of poker and i have only seen 6 strait flushes.I cant even begin to think that you had quads twice busted by strait flushes.Was this on the internet or at a casino.I just cannot believe it are you sure you telling the truth.
  13. Yep, I have 3 bad beats to tell you about.These arent my only bad beats,if they were it would surely fill up numerous pages.Well my name is Aaron, I am 14years old and play Texas Holdem ever day either on the internet or live in 3,5,10, and 20 dollar buy in tournaments or 200nl cash games on the net( I only buy in for the minmum of 20).Well anyway my 3rd worst bad beat came playing at my best friends house with 3 kids my age and 2 18 year olds.The buy in was 10 dollars and there was 4 people left out of 6. I limped in on the button with Q 10 off suit,the small blind called,and big blind checke
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