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  1. It was probably an affair, which is bad. It would be great if it is something open and agreed to. Maybe it's complicated, right now I'm seeing more than one guy and no one's expecting anything else. I haven't had that conversation in a "you're the first among equals" way. I'm surprised you think affairs are awesome...
  2. No you don't. Text departed stylist to come to your house and get your wig fixed in privacy.
  3. Anyone else watching perseid? I did laundry at a laundromat last night (my building's machines are supposed to be off limits after 9:00), and then took a drive. I ended up about an hour north of Malibu, and parked on PCH for a bit and looked at the sky. I felt small--the pitch black and ocean combined with the occasional car whipping by at 70mph made me wonder about the one armed claw armed serial killers. I had thought I was going to park and go down to the beach, but I didn't really know where I was going--I ended up by a small cliff, probably 10 feet. I could have climbed down, but wasn
  4. I have a corded drill--one of the first things I got when I moved into my post college apartment. When my ex and I got married and moved in together, we got a target gift card. I bought myself an awesome tool set, careful not to pick one with a hammer because I already had two. I kept all that stuff after the split, and I still feel smug as anything when I use my needle nose pliers, or my wire cutter.
  5. Scram, Scroom, AmScray, I'm not a good fit. In all of your sexualized, violent fantasies--the whole Bundy to Bobbitt spectrum--none of them feature a white woman who is considerably smaller than you. Now before you start to listen to Bob Seger or Steely Dan and masturbate your day away, do you have a desk chair reccomenday? I live in a major market, and usually do not have the patience for resale shops.
  6. I called essay an idiot because he implied my mother was involved with my underthings. Now, stop talking about my body parts like that. I don't appreciate it.
  7. No, I'm not friends with any full time actors. She works in TV, and not in front of the camera. She's worked for networks and major production companies.
  8. My girlfriend who likes to eat. She and I went to n/naka together last January. That was awesome, and I think about going back all the time. The two wavery points for me, I should uber there if I plan to get the wine. She's an active alcoholic, and while I believe everyone is responsible for their own things in life, I still get uptight when I drink with her. (She's lost job, marriage, and gotten dui with overnight lockup in last three years because of booze.)
  9. I responsibly submitted cover letter and resume this morning before work. I just reservations for Sunday for this place. I think I'm going to get the seven courses, with or without wine though? The price is so reasonable... http://www.saintmartharestaurant.com/
  10. It was a Hell, Understood type inference. I'm a Unitarian, swear a lot, and enjoy the mens.
  11. Oh I died and you're totally right. I'm in hell. I am taking a break from my mandatory office party that features improv. Thank god there's prosecco and cheese.
  12. I've had my first cold recruiter contact from linked in. I've been called about jobs before, a friend or coworker had recommended me. This makes me really, really happy. ps almost died today running for my bus, I ran directly in front of a car--wasn't thinking.
  13. Mulholland Drive from Criterion http://www.criterion.com/films/28050-mulholland-dr
  14. Hi Essay, I'm on my phone, it's hard to quote things. When I said rational behavior, I meant rational as in predictable. You seem to have conservative tastes and mores, with general liberal values. You want your lesbians femmy, the black actresses light skinned and willowy, etc. Maybe it's the flat out "attractive/unattractive" stuff that rankles?
  15. Patently false. I will wage an orchard of heirloom apple trees the author has no first hand experience with cannabutter.
  16. I think Hank was disappointed you missed his birthday. Fritz, this thread and my Drag Queens Eating on Instagram are the two things that start my day.
  17. I read The Godfather in my early teens. I think I was too young.
  18. Yes! Lots of times. I like the food, the wings are hot. I generally don't like their desserts. They have some doohickey where the patrons can control the juke box from their phones , but I've never figured out how to get it to work. It's in walking distance of the Wiltern (music venue).
  19. Daryl Dawkins--Chocolate Thunder should be tied with Count of Montefisto for the #1 spot.
  20. Ron! That doggggg. Thank you for the photos, and please consider this a rolling request
  21. Hi Nap, Thanks for checking in every once in a while. I'm thinking about you.
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