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  1. IE, I believe you. Shake would be much better looking if he was taller.
  2. Yes, Napa listens to me. My current org is too small to have eight figure asks--not enough to support. Feck.
  3. big boss asked my internal powerbroker and I to come up with title/salary. The job, as described by Big Boss, is enormous. I don't know if he's listening to himself, but they're putting me in charge of most revenue. The potential raise they talked about was $10k--no way. I want a peer--I do not have anyone like that now. I went home last night and applied for a different job. The title would be the same as my current--but the responsibilities are clearer. The potential job at current org is so big I feel like it's the Spruce Goose of the workplace. I would not be great at Immed
  4. Birdman Actors are Michael Keaton, Ed Norton, er al. The real star of this movie is the director/writer Innaritu. This is the movie--hire the babysitter, drive out of your way but go see this thing as soon you can in a theater. It's great and should be seen with little info given. Watch the scenes--they're comprised of extraordinarily long takes. Michael Bay go suck a bag of d. Some broad strokes There's lots more, I hate typing on this tiny keypad. Maybe my favorite movie since Children of Men?
  5. BD Wong is the Asian in everything.
  6. Jesus Hank. We're talking about alcohol here.
  7. I paid last night--got Hendricks, tonic and cucumber. IM IN LA AND ITS IN THE 80s AT 7:00. Tonight I successfully found the paid for happy hour--regular bar, just a vendor picking up the check. Two delightful Manhattans.
  8. What's your favorite drink when it's open bar?
  9. Real life creepy facts I learned at Halloween: My midget has always been a very small person. She did not have teeth until the age of 2. She does not remember feeling hungry until she was well into her adulthood. I applied for two jobs last night, and will apply to another + reach out to headhunter tonight. My department is running 7%+ YTD comparison. That comparison is to FY 14, the fiscal where I raised a 27%+ from FY 13.
  10. #tacosaremycopingmechanism
  11. Malibu beaches--Point Dume or Zuma. The picture I posted about a month ago was Malibu Pier. For Malibu restaurants--Neptune's Net, the fried side. If it's not too hot, and everyone is in good shape there's a hike that ends at Neptune's Net. I also like the hike in Pacific Palisades--Los Liones. It's 3 miles round trip, and mostly in the shade. If niece is 21+ you could go to Santa Monica Beaches, and eat at Father's Office. Venice has lots of good things, and if you line yourself up with Venice Alehouse the water quality is really good (there's something about the breaks). I don't eat
  12. I recently made a dirty joke that depended on understanding a gerund. (Punch line was "eating pussy." Read "eating" as a modifier, like "crouching tiger.")
  13. Did Brv and Napa finally make their road trip? Can I go back to a point from a while back? You said you have one of those cars that goes from automatic to manual, and you don't have to use a clutch. Have you ever had a car that was just manual? Part of my fun was keeping the ratio of clutch/gas.
  14. Was there no one else to celebrate? Edit: Fritz, apologies. My frustration is with humanity, not your reporting skills. From F. Scott and Scottie to Avril? Ughs.
  15. Please don't allow your stress to eclipse grammar. For heaven's sake, use an apostrophe before your 3pm bedtime.
  16. Okay. My coworker is talking about her blind date coffee date tomorrow morning. It goes Coffee Church Church school She's teaching church school for 8 hours--so I asked, "8 hours for church school? Are they retarded?"
  17. I'm sorry, SA. I hope you still enjoyed part of your evening with the girl. maybe, there's a lot of penisfree fun to be had...
  18. I'm reading Lev Grossman's The Magicians. In other art news, I made the cut! I am part of the art project, on the artist's website, etc.
  19. The goddamn a/c isn't working in my office.
  20. No thank you. I will show up, drink your craft beer, eat the lasagna and cream puffs, and then watch Gilmore Girls.
  21. I'm down with the Brown, and I'm trying to get an timely Dia de Los Muertos thing going. Edit: I also liked Kahlo for you because of her love of vaginas, and desire for fertility.
  22. Right, you should start calling her "tenant" and not "girlfriend."
  23. Yeah, I've been to the high speed test site. I'm getting what I should. I'll keep checking, and see if I can clear routers and caches, etc.
  24. She's responsible for filling the lease--I think that includes covering the security deposit. Is she living with you now?
  25. Probably why you shouldn't go around kissing women.
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