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  1. durrrr getting his ass kicked again id say hes down 500 K + right now ateastmaybe a full millionso in total 3 mil hes down im guessing ---- 5 AM and they still playing 6 tablesisidur1 has 2.9+ mil spread out on 6 tablesdurrrr has 1.4+ mil spread out on the 6 tablesman its crazy its like durrrr dont wanna give up his online champion status
  2. probably banking/organizingit could also have a superstitious factoralso some have 2 seats some have 6...
  3. its standard jacks are only a decent hand... see a flop if he re raiseswhat do u think a re re raise means? 45? 57? 1010s? No. AA KK QQ probably. maybe akthink lol
  4. He drawin dead, thats why i guesss and we beggin for a calll!
  5. Whats jfc mean? And how is it rigged? Who does it favor?
  6. Do you think Full Tilt favors people, bad hands and/or short stacks? Tell me what you guys think because im thinking about depositing and playing a lot.
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