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  1. A well played hand that DN takes downPokerStars Game #32623731743: Tournament #200909016, $1000+$50 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (300/600) - 2009/09/08 21:16:29 PT [2009/09/09 0:16:29 ET]Table '200909016 38' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 1: Bry23 (11350 in chips) Seat 2: The Ball Sac (32635 in chips) Seat 3: NickLeeson95 (36524 in chips) Seat 4: Baller510 (19892 in chips) Seat 5: BadgerPro (24280 in chips) Seat 6: pokergeeez (12596 in chips) Seat 7: aufgehts007 (8508 in chips) Seat 8: KidPoker (37133 in chips) Seat 9: GtRealGtOut (25111 in chips) Bry23: posts the ante 70The Ball Sac: pos
  2. Screen Shot of KidPoker being Kidpoker.... take it down DN
  3. You can simply use Google Sites as your website, you can also create an adsense account and put google ads on your site.Its simple and easy, you can go search it on Google now.
  4. I'm sorry you fail to grasp much.
  5. just a quick little one.. damn so judgmental.
  6. Sitting in seat 4 was a stack of about $600, maybe a bit more, but definitely enough to get my attention in the lowest buy in no limit game on the strip. In seat 5 was a local grinder with about $120 in front of him and a soda, no ice. I was in seat 7 with $40 and just young tourists in the other 6 seats around the table. Seat 4 was a 35 year old computer something or other at a convention with dreams of doing something that night. He was very aggressive with his chips and he was destroying the other players at the table, catching miracle cards and was really building his stack, at one point
  7. Ok, so you'll be right on top of typo's and other crap...Wonderful, just like I'm back in 3rd grade... where are the bullies?
  8. You've never heard of Medical Marijuana.... You start a sentence with AND while telling me how to spell.... you and I will get along just dandy...
  9. I'm PokerTales...An avid poker player living in Las Vegas to the best of my ability.Playing poker around the city and avoiding degenerates at all costs.I will not fall into traps that most players that move to Las Vegas fall into.I don't do drugs (marijuana is not included and medically necessary), I don't cheat, lie, steal, borrow or lend.I will be posting stories in regards to my nights out on the town and the degens that I meet at the tables.I will not disclose much information about myself on this forum but you'll get to know my ego all too well.Will be telling tales soon....
  10. Quitting anything that has you connected to the satisfaction of smoking is very difficult to accomplish.When you get in a car you'll want one.When you finish a meal you'll want one.When you finish having sex, you'll want one, maybe two....Good Luck...Oh no, my first post is about quitting....I need a smoke....
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