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  1. GL Rose. On a computer without Tilt software right now. Keep this thread updated. SHIP IT!!!
  2. Hey guys...Keep that updates coming. I am at my girlfriends house and her computer does not have Tilt Downloaded on it. So keep the updates coming.
  3. Thanks for the replys fellas. I just wanted to know how everything works as far as depositing goes. And i guess I am the one who changed the converstaion to the other issues. But as long as e-checks work fine then that is great by me. I just wanted to check before I deposited. When checking out, does pokerstars basically just right an e-check and it gets deposited straight into my checking account? I would assume that is how it would work, kind of like working for someone who direct deposits your check into your account for you.Thanks, plan on depositing here shortly.
  4. The only other current question that I would have is this...Has anyone had any trouble with the current legislature that the government has going? I know some people had there accounts frozen, I am assuming this was their checking accounts or whatever. I know alot of players in America are still depositing and playing, but are there any major issues that can currently come of it?
  5. For those of you that have done this, how does it work? Also did it work well for you? Any problems?Have never deposited before. The only money that I have had in my account was from a stake and thus I cashed for a little bit of money. Like 15 bucks. Well that 15 bucks is almost gone so I am wanting to deposit some money, but I just want to make sure on how everything works before I do so.
  6. If you look at the other Americas Cup thread. This has already happened. Joeyfinngars threw me a dollar for 5 of the .20 tourneys. In the first one I FT'ed.
  7. What is Tehtoes name on Tilt?
  8. Those of you still in, Keep it up. GL All. Keep us updated.
  9. I got so short stacked I had to push with a moderate hand and got caught.GJ on your 4th place finish.
  10. 25 cent NLHE ($100 added)# 183600979sitting 127/2922654 started the tourney
  11. Nice job Joey Keep it up. I will rail but prolly wont watch very hard as I am still in a tourney myself, tho not Americas Cup.Did not get home in time to play any of them tonight.
  12. I am not staked but currently sitting with 8,095 at first break. If any of you happen to be at my table holla at me. Claytor_Jay
  13. U Have got to be kidding me. Just busted out of the .20. Look at this crap.PokerStars Game #31218622809: Tournament #182560425, $0.20+$0.00 Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2009/08/03 21:06:24 ETTable '182560425 81' 9-max Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 1: edamo2 (1400 in chips) Seat 2: Fieldflowers (1490 in chips) Seat 3: Tikibear05 (1870 in chips) Seat 4: slived (1380 in chips) Seat 5: borowec (1400 in chips) Seat 6: ballsdeep27 (1470 in chips) is sitting outSeat 7: Bsonk (3000 in chips) Seat 8: Claytor_Jay (1480 in chips) Seat 9: torresdp (1500 in chips) Claytor_Jay: posts small blind 10tor
  14. Busted out already in the freeroll. Never have any luck in that freeroll. Hopefully I can FT this .20
  15. I am going to be playing in the freeroll and the .20. Once again thought about the 5.50 but based on my br constraints just not very smart to play in that right now.Joey did you ever get your bonus??
  16. Busted out in 257th. Got down to less than 3 big blinds. Pushed with K6 suited...Other guy had KT
  17. I busted out early in the freeroll.Currently card dead for the .20Sitting 281/384 at first breakblinds were 100/200 only have 1,885
  18. Anyone playing tonight?I am gonna be in for the .20 and the freeroll. Looking to add to my current point total.
  19. Terrible Beat to finish 3rdPokerStars Game #31109999621: Tournament #181848416, $0.20+$0.00 Hold'em No Limit - Level XXII (15000/30000) - 2009/08/01 0:55:17 ETTable '181848416 4' 9-max Seat #4 is the buttonSeat 1: camelotes (413548 in chips) Seat 4: Claytor_Jay (473946 in chips) Seat 9: KHenry203031 (570506 in chips) camelotes: posts the ante 3000Claytor_Jay: posts the ante 3000KHenry203031: posts the ante 3000KHenry203031: posts small blind 15000camelotes: posts big blind 30000*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Claytor_Jay [Ac Qs]Claytor_Jay: raises 60000 to 90000KHenry203031: raises 60000 to 150000c
  20. Sitting 4/11 on 3rd breakJust folded pocket 9's when Flop came A 5 T Felt like playing it safe. Two over cards had me a little worried
  21. 1818484169/25 after going all in preflop with QQ, beat AQ
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