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  1. The perfect stocking stuffer, Wang's Harem trading cards are the ideal gift for that special person in your life. Forget your diamonds, your Kindles, your cases of poker-themed energy drinks; your beloved will be over the moon when he or she unwraps these exclusive, high-quality trading cards featuring the little ladies whose lives have been touched by Shimmering Wang. The ideal addition to anyone's collection, order your Wang's Harem trading cards today and we can guarantee satisfaction.#1 - The First Love#2 - The Homecoming Queen#3 - Smashley#4 - Jess#5 - Magglio#6 - Black Midget#7 - Kayla#8
  2. He's already got his dream girl, remember? She emails him funny articles and brings him special coffee. If only he could be that thoughtful; then she might really feel appreciated on her birthday.
  3. That reminds me, I've got some steak strips malingering in the coolbox. Any suggestions what to do with them that isn't a sandwich?
  4. Heat up a corn dog and put it in a hot dog bun. Corn hot dog. It's my idea.
  5. This is what kids are like these days: It frightens me.
  6. So, are we betting on who's the father?Option 1: JeffStratOption 2: loogieOption 3: turd fergusonOption 4: Sal ParazumaOption 5: Dawson Leery
  7. You know, if she wasn't so nosy about your private life she would definitely de-friend you on FB after seeing this.
  8. 1. Drain cleaner.2. Stop putting used condoms down it.
  9. I'll take you up on the first bet, but not the second one.
  10. What about $1.38? I mean, there's the hassle of counting out change...
  11. Today was the day of my dentist appointment to have my wisdom teeth pulled. All four. I was a little nervous about the whole thing since I've never had any oral surgery or any surgery at all for that matter before, but also I was excited because I thought they might put me under with nitrous, which I've heard is pretty bitchin and then give me vicodin and let me be on bed rest for the next couple days. Anyway, at 8:30 me and my roommate went to where we were to meet the person driving me to my appointment. My roommate had to escort me there and back because afterward they said I'd be pretty wo
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